Shocking video shows man 'on coke' falling off sulky and narrow miss with car

Eamon Dillon

IN the latest reckless sulky racing incident on Irish roads a narrowly avoid head-on crash is blamed on cocaine.

A clip showing a horse being galloped at full-speed turns into a chase after the sulky rider falls off as an on-coming vehicle is forced to pull over to avoid a collision.

Filmed from a following car the vehicle quickly picks up the sulky driver and chases after the horse which has bolted down the road.

In the final seconds of the video posted to social media a voice is heard commenting: “F**king retard. That’s the coke, giving him drugs..”

At the start a man is heard shouting orders to the sulky driver: “Leave her up a small bit” and then rolls down the window to tell him to go faster.

But then the horse moves into the oncoming traffic lane and it's seen heading straight towards a white vehicle which has rounded a bend.

The driver falls off the sulky but quickly gets into the following car shouting: “Go, go! The reins snapped. Drive on, boys, hurry up.”

“F**king eejit, man.,” replied someone from inside the car as the sulky driver repeats how the reins had snapped.

The sulky driver continues to shout at the car driver to ‘drive on’ to get past the horse so it will stop before it hurts itself.

“Drive out in front of her and I’ll stop her Joe. Will you drive please, go out past her, please!”

“The reins snapped would you believe that?”

A vehicle in front of the car appears to slow the horse and sulky before the animal appears to slip and fall on the tarmac.

“She’s down, she’s down. Get her!” the sulky driver is told.

After the sulky driver quickly exits the vehicle a voice in the car said: “Fucking retard, that’s the coke, man. Giving him drugs..”

The Irish Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals has regularly condemned sulky racing on Irish roads.

“The ISPCA has found a number of ponies which have been abandoned after sustaining substantial serious injuries while trotting,” it previously stated.

“Some of the injuries seen on different animals are strikingly similar. The risks to the animals involved are not confined to the races themselves.

“In addition, the joints of the animals take a pounding when trotting on hard surfaces which can cause permanent damage, particularly when young ponies and horses are involved.”

“ISPCA believes a ban on road trotting is essential for the safety of the general public and for the welfare of the animals involved.

“In every other country sulky trotting and racing is held on suitable surfaces for horses such as sand tracks, why should Ireland continue to allow such a dangerous amusement continue to put road users and animals at such a serious risk of injury.”

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