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storm in a teacup Micah Richards shares clip of Roy Keane drinking tea at Christmas party

Roy Keane’s appearance at the Sky Christmas party while supping on a cup of tea, which was documented by fellow pundit Micah Richards on his Instagram account, has been described by Keane as like being “in a doll’s house”.

The pair were enjoying each other’s company while surrounded by tinsel and mistletoe and with a Christmas tree in the background.

Richards captioned the video, tagging Keane’s own Instagram account and writing: ‘This guy is hilarious man’.

Keane was heard making the quip in the video, saying he felt like the pair were in a 'doll's house' as they tucked into their brews which were being served in fancy china cups and saucers..

While Richards has been known to clash with Keane’s famously ‘no-nonsense’ attitude, and the pair have gone head to head on air at times, it appears the Christmas spirit has exposed the fuzzy side to both men, who can’t say no to a lovely cup of tea with each other under the soft lights of the Christmas tree.

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