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DSPCA say increase in number of kittens being born in Dublin post-lockdown

The DSPCA has said they have received a much larger amount of cats being submitted to the shelter compared to this time last year.

"This year we've seen an increase in the number of cats that are coming in to us. compared to this time last year" Education Officer of the DPCA Gillian Bird told Independent.ie.

"We think there were less kittens being born last year, whereas this year things are more back to normal."

Gillian said the increase in kittens being born may be due to less people being in their gardens post-lockdown, and therefore more opportunities being available for feral cats to breed.

"We have a huge waiting list, because obviously we have a limited amount of space...

"A lot of the animals are in foster homes and we're just really waiting for space for more cats to come in. "

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