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Dame Vivienne Westwood turns 80: Her most mind-blowing fashion moments

From being knickerless at Buckingham Palace to wearing corsets in lockdown, the designer’s style has always been scandalous. Punk icon, environmental activist and designer extraordinaire Dame Vivienne Westwood is 80 years old. She emerged onto the fashion scene in the 1970s, with her androgynous designs, slogan T-shirts, and irreverent attitude towards the establishment. Since then, Westwood has continued to break boundaries. She’s responsible for some of fashion’s most famous designs, including her take on the corset, the ‘mini-crini’, a shortened version of the Victorian crinoline dress. Westwood has also made a name for herself as an activist, staging public protests to raise awareness around causes close to her heart. As she turns 80, these are some of her most exuberant fashion moments.

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