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Caught on camera: Moment that Irish pervert is confronted by 'paedophile hunters'

This is the moment that a 72-year-old Irish pervert was confronted about messaging children on social media by a “paedophile hunters" group in the UK. Thomas O’Halloran, who is originally from Co Kildare, was snared in the sting operation mounted by the ‘Fleetwood Enforcers UK’, a voluntary sexual offenders hunting group, in July. He had thought he was in contact with a 12-year-old girl and two 14-year-olds when he messaged them on WhatsApp, telling the youngest he felt "horny" but he was actually being trapped by the group. The group creates decoy profiles with an image of young girls - which are actually edited photographs of a female group member - which they send if requested.

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