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Dr Angela reveals Ireland's Top 50 sex questions: Part 2

Dr Angela answers all your questions
Dr Angela answers all your questions

Is there anything you always wanted to know about sex but were too shy to ask?

Do you have a problem that keeps bothering you, or is there something you're just curious about?

Whatever might be on your mind - don't be shy to ask.

I've been a sex expert for more than 25 years, and have answered thousands of questions from basic to extremely kinky - but people still surprise me the odd time with a question I’ve never been asked before.

After going through some queries on male and female genitalia in Part 1, let's consider some more of the Top 50 questions that came my way, this time looking at sexual positions and orgasms.


Which position do women prefer?

Most women prefer the missionary position where she lies on her back, with her partner on top. Sounds a bit dull, but this old classic allows for many pleasurable variations. For example, SHE can bring up her legs to encircle his neck with her feet…

My woman is lazy in bed - How can I get her on top for a change?

If your woman is reluctant to get on top, take her by surprise: Make love in the missionary position with you on top, then gently push her legs down, take a firm hold of her shoulder with one hand, place your other hand beneath her bum, grip her legs with yours and then roll over until your woman is on top. Keep a firm hold on her during this manoeuvre.

How can we make love standing up?

There are many variations of the standing up position, from basic and practicable to acrobatic. Try this one for starters: SHE stands slightly bent over, while HE takes her from behind. The absolute dream position requires a good bit of muscle: standing upright, HE carries her weight on his forearms, while SHE wraps her legs around his buttocks and clasps her hands behind his neck. This is dangerous, so make sure there’s something solid within reach that you can hold on to in case you loose your balance.

What is the Kama Sutra?

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian Sanskrit text on love and sex. It describes all sex positions imaginable, from manageable to all but impossible ones. If you’re looking for inspiration, check it out – it’s a perfect project for the kinky-minded.


She can’t climax when we sleep together - How can I make her come?

Take time for foreplay. Kiss and tease, then touch your partner’s clitoris with light circling movements. Start gently then gradually increase pace and pressure. If it doesn’t work, let her guide your hand or ask for directions. Start making love when she’s almost ready to climax. Keep up the clitoris massage while you’re inside her.

Is it okay to fake an orgasm?

It's okay to fake now and then but you shouldn't let it become a habit. Don't deceive your man by pretending your sex life is fine; give him a chance to truly satisfy you. If you’ve been faking for ages there is no need to tell your partner – just stop faking, and let him know how he can make you come for real.

How can I achieve a multiple orgasm?

A multiple orgasm is hard to achieve, but there is a recipe that’s worth trying: Have a long and sensual foreplay; tease and caress until you’re almost ready to come, but don’t climax. When you sleep together, get close to an orgasm again but stop for a few seconds, then continue with slow but intense sex until you climax. Keep moving during your orgasm, and with lots of luck it will turn into a multiple one.

Are too many orgasms harmful?

You can enjoy as many orgasms as you like - it's not harmful at all as long as you are healthy and your body doesn’t complain. So go for an extra one or two whenever you feel like it.