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Psychologist declares Friday 14 July Britain's happiest day

Psychologist declares Friday 14 July Britain's happiest day

If you have a bit of a spring in your step this Friday there may be a reason - 14 July has been declared the U.K.'s happiest day of 2017.

That's according to Dr. Cliff Arnall, the psychologist who 'discovered' Blue Monday, the January date on which he found people were most unhappy.

According to Dr. Arnall this is down to diverse factors lifting people's spirits, from people's stress levels dropping at the end of the working week, to warmer weather and school holidays giving families the chance to spend more time together, or head off on holiday.

The psychologist explains that one the key contributors to our sense of happiness, is "emotional connectedness" and that this can be improved by the "development and maintenance of high quality relationships" with friends and family.

"Family and friends provide a secure base, a sounding board and a rich source of happiness,” he added to Cover Media.

The end of the May to June exam period also reduces the stress levels of pupils and parents, meaning an improvement in family relationships.

The end of term time even provides a boost to those without children as congestion on the roads decreases without parents making the school run.

And Dr. Arnall says people should use any extra free time to be "mindful" and live in the present, that we should not worry too much about the past or future but instead create, "high quality memories by being totally in the moment".

As well as making sure we take time out to build new experiences ourselves, he advises trying to be kinder to others as altruism can be its own reward.

"A sure fire sign of deep down happiness is the ability to be consistently kind. This can range from giving time, energy and praise, and moving away from making negative personal comments and judgements," he outlined.

The doctor has even devised a formula for calculating your own happiness, with positive factors such as emotional connectedness, mindfulness, kindness, family and health on one side of the equation, divided by negative factors like uncertainty over one's future on the other.

And the 14 July is apparently the day on which people are best able to maximise these factors.

Dr. Arnall has used his formula to write his own guide to staying happy, which is available to customers at the Jurys Inn hotel chain.

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