August 19th, 2017


Eat strawberries for better brain health later in life

Cranberries can boost gut health

Three cups of coffee a day may extend lifespan

Can't make it through the day without that caffeine fix first thing? Well, pour yourself some coffee, as new studies have discovered three cups a day can extend your life!

One night of bad sleep increases Alzheimer's risk

Great news for coffee drinkers

Coffee 'may add years to your life'

Resealable bags key to cutting out snacking

Motivated adults sleep better at night

Older adults who have a good reason to get out of bed sleep better at night, researchers report.

Too much sugar during pregnancy could impact kids' allergies

High-fat diets linked to soaring rates of bowel cancer

No sense of smell can lead to weight loss

Not being able to smell can aid weight loss.