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Kiera Chaplin didn’t change her diet ahead of Morocco rally race

Kiera Chaplin didn’t change her diet ahead of Morocco rally race

British model and actress Kiera Chaplin has physically prepared for the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles, but hasn’t changed her diet.

The granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin is taking part in the 2017 women's only rally with her close friend and fellow model Oona Chanel, the great-grandniece of Coco Chanel, which will cover terrain across Europe and deserted parts of southern Morocco for two weeks.

Kiera admits she loves working out, but told Cover Media that she hasn’t changed her eating habits in preparation for the trek, which kicks off on Friday (17Mar17) in Nice, France.

“Not really… I have never been good with diets!” she smiled when asked about dieting.

“I am a very specific eater always have been, no red meat no fish no chicken,” Oona added. “If I could I would be on a raw food all the time, it’s an acquired taste but I love it and you feel amazing and light with glowy skin.”

On the subject of skin, the models are taking precautions to not get burnt under the African sun. Both Kiera and Oona boast pale, delicate complexions, so have sought advice from skincare professionals before they began their adventure.

“I have already gone to see my dermatologist, Dr Colbert, and got plenty of sunscreen. He has an amazing brand of products. I need to make sure I don’t burn,” Kiera shared.

Oona added it’s all about sunscreen for her: “I love Asian skincare and their sunscreens are amazing, so most probably I will stock up on that.”

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