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Abbey Clancy uses snake venom to get youthful skin

Abbey Clancy uses snake venom to get youthful skin

Abbey Clancy has used snake venom to get youthful looking skin.

The 31-year-old model has revealed she has experimented with a variety of skincare products, including applying serpent saliva on her face, in a bid to rejuvenate her visage and reduce any signs of ageing, although she relies on three simple factors to maintain her flawless complexion.

Speaking about her beauty tips, the blonde beauty - who has daughters Sophia, six, and 21-month-old Liberty with her husband Peter Crouch - told the Metro newspaper: "I have used snake venom - it was good. No sheep sperm, though.

"Sleep and water is best for me and lots of moisturiser.

"[And SkinCeuticals] is expensive but it lasts and you only need a tiny drop."

And the catwalk icon is open to going under the knife if she feels she has to, although she would only want to have procedures carried out "subtly".

She explained: "I'm not against it [cosmetic surgery] as long as it's done right. You see so many people looking dodgy nowadays, but if it's done subtly and it looks good, why not?"

Although the 'Britain's Next Top Model' judge has been criticised for her appearance, now she is a mother she ignores all of the "horrible comments".

She said: "You get picked apart and people say horrible comments. But as you get older and have kids all of that becomes less important. I just let it go over my head."

The catwalk icon has no plans of quitting the fashion industry any time soon, although people think she is "so old now".

Abbey said: "Everyone's pegged me as this old bag ... 'You're so old now', and I'm, like, 'I'm 31.'

"I've never had a plan. I'm a go-with-the-flow kind of person. I've been lucky with the jobs I've had and I just want more of the same please."