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Tried and tested: Multitasking skincare

Tried and tested: Multitasking skincare

Multitasking beauty products save both precious pennies and time; we’re all for using one item than two or three! Here are some we’ve tried out to see if they really live up to the hype.

KORRES Olympus Tea 3 in 1 Cleansing Emulsion – 4/5

It removes make-up, it cleanses AND it tones; what more could a girl need? It’s also packed full of antioxidants that leave my skin feeling extremely clean after using and the Olympus Tea side of things gives it a natural element. All you need to do is gently rub the product onto the face and neck in circular motions then remove any excess with a cotton wool pad. A quick rinse at the end too really freshens things up.

Egyptian Magic – 4/5

The king, or should that be pharaoh, of skin multitaskers is Egyptian Magic. For years this was an industry secret loved by A-list make-up artists, but now us normal people also have access to the pot of magic. It can be used as anything from a cuticle treatment, post-shave balm or even to turn matte make-up glossy. For me personally I like it as a cleanser and slather it on over make-up so it melts all the cosmetics and dirt off my face. Then I simply wipe away with a face cloth. It is quite thick and can take a while to fully remove from hands and face, but it leaves skin baby soft and totally cleansed and cleaned.

Inlight Night Balm - 4/5

This balm is fast becoming a nighttime skincare essential! Formulated with a blend of nourishing macadamia, jojoba oils as well as a dash of lavender and bitter orange, Inlight's product has a relaxing scent and is super hydrating. It's suitable for all skin types, and is great when massaged into the face and neck using gentle circular motions, and can also be dabbed on dry patches on the elbows and knees or on the cuticles.

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