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Fibrous and fabulous!

Fibrous and fabulous!

It can sometimes be difficult to achieve an eye-catching look relying just on mascara and without using false lashes.

However, with the popularity of fibre lashes increasing astronomically, more and more women are realising that you can now achieve a picture-perfect flutter with just one product. We run through our favourite fibre mascaras on the market today.

Tropic launched their Lash Extension Kit years ago, but it remains just as popular now as it did on release. This kit can add more than double the length and up to five times the volume of your lashes with just a few steps.

Firstly apply the Fixing Gel mascara to the lashes, then sweep over the Extension Fibres, which attach to your own natural lashes adding enviable volume and length, then simply finish with another coat of the Fixing Gel and voila – beautiful, fluttering, fuss free lashes in minutes. The Fixing Gel can also be used as a mascara on its own to define the lashes, and is enriched with candelilla wax to lock in moisture and protect the lashes, and carnauba wax which is naturally water resistant and prevents clumping.

Or try WUNDER2’s WUNDEREXTENSIONS Lash Extension and Volumizing Mascara – another two-part process which creates both length and thickness. First apply Formula One, which covers each lash with advanced “micro-hydra-tubes.” These microhydra-tubes treat and surround each lash with hydration and nourishment, thickening each lash for a voluminous look. Next up is the second formula, which sees mini tinted three-Dimensional lash extensions (with varied lengths and widths to mimic the look of real hair) applied to each lash to create tremendous length immediately.

Eyeko London’s Lash Alert mascara is another fantastic option as it’s a mascara and treatment in one. It has an energising formula that lifts lashes and also stimulates lash growth, and is also the company’s most volumising mascara to date, with a carbon black, fibre enhanced formula for fuller thicker lashes 24hrs a day.

If you don’t have much money to spend on a fibre mascara, then L’Oreal Paris’ False Lash X Fibre is a great choice!

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