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Brow blunders and how to avoid them

Brow blunders and how to avoid them

Bold, face-framing brows are very much still en Vogue. But even with the many online tutorials available from beauty bloggers and experts, it’s still easy to go too far and end up looking more Scouse Brow than Cara Delevingne. We break down the most common brow blunders and how to avoid them.

Eyebrow tail too long

Extending the tail of your brow too far, further than its natural stopping point, drags down your eyes resulting in a permanently sad and tired expression! Identify the natural placement of your brow by envisioning a line stretching diagonally from the edge of your nostril to the edge of your eye and beyond. Where the line meets the brow bone is where you should stop.

The over-fill/under-fill crisis

Heavily filled in brows can look unnatural and consequently, under-filled brows can look patchy. It is important to find the balance between not enough and too much. Be careful not to overlay the product too many times, or else an unflattering build up will occur. To avoid doing a patchy job, make sure you don’t focus solely on filling in one area but evenly spread the product through the brows.

One-line wonder

The motion in which you apply your eyebrow products ultimately defines the outcome. A single strike along your brow simply won’t do. Instead, you want to move in the direction of the hairs, using short, flicking movements to feather in sparse areas. This will create a natural effect and flawless brows.

How to create good brows

Faking your way to groomed arches has never been simpler. Statement Cara D brows are yours for the taking and result in maximum impact with minimum input.

Eyeko's cult Brow Gel will help you achieve bolder brows in two easy steps.

Use brow liner

Fill in the gaps or sketch on a pair? Choose Eyeko Liquid Brow Liner or Eyeko Fat Liquid Brow Liner to transform your arches with a few gentle strokes.

Designed to give a subtle, natural finish, Eyeko Brow Liner with precision brush tip is ideal for feathering through sparse areas, flawlessly filling in gaps for instant shape and definition. For a bold, brow look then Eyeko Fat Brow Liner with marker-style felt tip delivers in a single stroke. If sparse brows need more help RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum promises visibly fuller and thicker-looking eyebrows in 60 days.

Brow gel

Style, shape and lock down your brow look with a gel like Eyeko's Brow Gel. Use short upward strokes, directing the brush back and forth building volume then use the tip to shape and style the hairs. The tinted gel has a botanically-enriched formula to condition brows with a bespoke nano-brush for accurate definition, providing an enviable natural finish with long lasting hold. Beauty favourite Wunderbrow 1-step Brow Gel is available in five shades and will give you budgeproof brows in two minutes that will last up to three days. While Ardell's Pro Brow Pomade can sculpt, fill-in and set brows, in an easy to blend formula that will survive a busy day.

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