May 22nd, 2017


Face masks for congested skin

Look to try: Jennifer Lopez’s lob haircut

Active make-up for fit women

Active beauty is the next big trend in make-up, with a number of top cosmetic brands such as SportFX and Eyeko carrying products designed for gym-goers who want to start and finish their workout looking good, and not just sweaty.

Learn to master lip liner

Graphic eyeliner know-how

Thin hair gets a boost with new technology

Neck firming creams

Regardless of how many anti-ageing creams, serums and masks we slap on on a daily basis, it’s all pointless if we have a saggy, wrinkled neck. It’s one of the most obvious indicators of age, so it’s worth investing in a cream specifically designed to tackle the signs of ageing on this area. We run through our favourites.

What’s the deal with eyebrow microblading?

Embracing your natural hair

Honey-based beauty products

It’s the perfect topping for your morning toast, but honey is a fantastic ingredient to add to your daily beauty regime as well, thanks to its healing and moisturising properties. We run through our favourite honey-based beauty products.