Limerick publican and racehorse owner goes viral after brilliant TV interview

Josh Sheahan
Josh Sheahan

A garrulous Limerick publican and racehorse owner was the centre of a flurry of social media activity this week after he gave interviews to the At The Races team.

Josh Sheahan spoke to the Limerick Leader, telling them the response to the interviews has been crazy.

“There’s about 300,000 views on one of the videos, there’s another 100,000 on another video. It’s gone crazy. There were 45 people in the pub this morning at half 11, it’s gone fierce viral at the moment,” the 25-year-old told the Limerick Leader.

“Two Americans came from Texas! They left Killarney to come to Askeaton - would you believe that now?!

“The place was packed last night, it’s gone fairly hectic alright,” he said.