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she's irish! Sunny Edwards winds up Irish boxing fans with cheeky photo of Katie Taylor

'Well she is one of the best fighters to ever come out of Britain'


Sunny Edwards says he has been friends with Kinahan since he was 18

Sunny Edwards says he has been friends with Kinahan since he was 18

Sunny Edwards says he has been friends with Kinahan since he was 18

The boxer Sunny Edwards has managed to wind up his Twitter followers with a cheeky mocked-up photo of Irish fighter Katie Taylor in a sports top featuring the British Union Jack flag. 

The British IBF flyweight champion who is an outspoken fan and friend of mobster Daniel Kinahan posted the picture on his Twitter page alongside the caption: “This is her winning Olympic gold for Britain.”

The tweet was in response to a slagging match he got into with fans on the social media site after he boasted: “Crazy that little old me is the most feared fly and super flyweight in the world.

"Look at how everyone of my ‘rivals’ and their promoters go deaf dumb and mute when my name is mentioned. Let that be the legacy I’m remembered for.”

However, one of his fans replied: “You’re not a big draw. Chill bro. Katie Taylor would smoke you.”

To which he retorted: “Well she is one of the best fighters to ever come out of Britain.”

When fans piled on, pointing out that Taylor is, in fact Irish, he posted the picture alongside the caption which prompted a series of furious tweets.

“She’s not from Britain, goes to show your intelligence Sunny Edwards,” one stormed

One measured response reads: “The Irish situation, geographically, is a difficult one to get your head around. One side is British and the other isn’t even in the UK. He isn’t the first one to make that mistake. It’s more of a Freudian slip. Let’s move on.”

However, another adds: “It’s not difficult. Ireland is Ireland. The English invaded 800 years ago and Stole what wasn't theirs with bloodshed and famine. Not difficult to wrap your head around. Tiocfaidh ár lá.”

Others pointed out that Taylor boxed for Ireland at the Olympics and posted links “for reference”.

However, it appeared some still needed convincing Edwards is wrong, with one person adding: “Literally right but why would she wear the Union Jack if she’s not ???????”

Edwards appears to enjoy posted provocative tweets to stir up controversy. In one recent long series he made bizarre claims about the Kinahan Cartel’s feud with the Hutch family.

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In one tweet, the boxer, who has no connection to criminality, appears to suggest that the Hutches sought help from “local government officials” and that they got away with an assassination attempt on Kinahan’s life “because they’re mates” with the Government.

His comments refer to the infamous Regency Hotel attack on 2016.

During the attack, cartel member David Byrne was allegedly gunned down by members of the Hutch gang who were targeting Daniel Kinahan.

“The police let an assassination attempt on his life happen last time, had clear images of all the culprits & because they’re mates with the govt no arrests were made,” he tweeted in reply to another tweet from a follower who questioned why “an innocent man (Kinahan) wouldn’t come to Ireland and answer a few questions from the police

When another follower tweeted that it’s “amazing that he (Kinahan) would attract that much attention as a mere upholsterer and/or altruistic business advisor to boxers, Edwards retorted: “Yet the Hutch family who were considered the biggest OC (organised crime) family in Ireland - were going to local government officials for help?”

Sunny then finds himself having to deflect numerous other reference to his pal Kinahan.

One other user tweets: “Just on this Sunny, not going after you, I'm just used to you normally shooting straight from the hip and not towing the company line.

“Have you actually looked into the case against Kinahan before you chose to work with him?

To which Sunny replies: “Me and Daniel have been friends since I was 18.”


Sunny's Katie picture

Sunny's Katie picture

Sunny's Katie picture


When one other person tweets a link to a news story about how Kinahan ran a number of cleaning companies in Ireland adding, “I hope this helps you to actually scrutinise the position”, Edwards replies: "Don’t believe everything you read in the papers.”

He had also previously tweeted how he hoped his “adviser Daniel" could reach an agreement on a unification clash with WBC titleist Julio Cesar Martinez.

His ‘adviser Daniel’ is a reference to the exiled mob boss who was recently pictured with his arm around Edwards in Dubai.

In the snap, Kinahan, bizarrely - and probably knowingly - smiles for the camera as he points to Edwards' t-shirt which bears the caption: "No Drugs, No Champions."

Under the photograph, Edwards has written: "Always good to see an old friend."

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