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ELEVATE SHUN US comedian Seth Rogen jokes about his awkward encounter with Bono in a lift


Seth appeared on Friday's Late Late Show

Seth appeared on Friday's Late Late Show

The Interview movie that landed Rogen in political hot water

The Interview movie that landed Rogen in political hot water


Seth appeared on Friday's Late Late Show

American actor Seth Rogen detailed to Ryan Tubridy on The Late Late Show his awkward encounters with celebrities, including Bono, and igniting a feud between the US and North Korea.

The actor, writer and producer recently wrote the book Yearbook, detailing a collection of personal stories and essays from his adolescence up to his current career.

The actor spoke about a time he shared a lift with Bono, and the U2 band member made a joke about his height.

“You find yourself in elevators with other famous people a lot that you don’t know – and something makes you think that you should communicate with one another” he said about being around other famous people.

“One time I was in an elevator at 30 Rock, and me and Bono were in the elevator together and I remember it, and God bless him I remember him looking at me being like ‘I feel like I should talk to him, he’s another famous person’, and he make a joke about being short”, said Mr Rogan laughing.

“As I was writing it, I was like, there’s potentially a lot of stuff that will make some people not like me, but the truth is I don’t think these people necessarily like me that much anyway, so I might as well turn that into some form of entertainment”, he said.

“When you become a famous person there’s no rules, no ones like, by the way you can never tell a story about Tom Cruise”, he said on RTEs The Late Late Show.

Mr Rogen also recalled an “unexpected” encounter with Star Wars creator George Lucas.

“George Lucas explained to me that he thought the world was going to end and implied that he had built a space ship to prepare for the situation.

“I think we kept hoping as we probed further that it would become apparent very quickly that he was not serious at all, but unfortunately the opposite seemed to be happening and and the deeper we probed the more we realised he was serious”, said Mr Rogen.

He also spoke about his 2014 film The Interview which resulted in the North Korea government threatening action against the United States, and Barack Obama had to intervene.

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The Interview movie that landed Rogen in political hot water

The Interview movie that landed Rogen in political hot water

The Interview movie that landed Rogen in political hot water

Mr Rogan said it was “terrifying in a lot of ways” after North Korean branded the movie an act of terrorism.

He added that there is a section in the book where he goes into “extreme detail” into how it happened.

“You always assume the entertainment industry is a dysfunctional one run by people who are not incredibly morally on the right side of things, and that was a real lesson in how true that is”, he said.

“When the going gets tough, everyone kind of just protects themselves as much as humanly possible”.

The king of controversy said being called controversial is something a lot of comedians complain about, “I look of a lot of comedians that complain about that - and I think you truly have not experienced what it means to actually create something that has caused a real controversy”.

“Until the president is dedicating an entire news conference to you, until there’s like documentaries and books written about the fallout of your work, I would argue that you have not truly tipped your toe in controversial waters”, he joked.

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