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Corrie’s Mollie Gallagher is wowing as grieving Nina, but what’s next for Weatherfield’s resident goth without Seb, asks Daragh Keany


Mollie Gallagher plays Nina Lucas in Coronation Street

Mollie Gallagher plays Nina Lucas in Coronation Street

Mollie Gallagher plays Nina Lucas in Coronation Street

She may have only been on the cobbles for a few years but already Nina has had more than her fair share of drama. The one constant in her life though has been her uncle Roy, but now he is threatening to leave Weatherfield.

Mag+: How is Nina dealing with Kelly being back on the street?

MG: Nina is a very empathetic character and she knows it will have to get to a point where she moves on but at the moment she is really snappy towards Kelly, it’s definitely a trigger.

Mag+: So, how does Nina feel about justice being served with Corey behind bars?

MG: Over the past few months, that has been her main priority. She knew that if Abi killed Corey it was not going to bring Seb back, so it was important to her to get the right justice. They achieved what they wanted which was for him to go to prison and that is a really big deal to her.

Mag+: What are Nina’s first thoughts when Roy tells her that the gun used to kill Natasha was the same one that Abi was going to use to kill Corey?

MG: Nina is shocked. She feels a responsibility about Natasha’s death because everything that happened with the gun is a massive regret. She can also see that Roy is distraught about what happened with Natasha and so Nina starts to see herself as this curse and blames herself.

Mag+: Tell us about when Nina finds out that Roy is selling the Woody and putting the flat in her name.

MG: Nina has all these horrible ideas of what is happening after she keeps hearing a number of things about Roy. She is very confused but then she thinks that this must be it, that he is going to end his life and she is distraught. When she finally finds Roy and he tells her he is leaving Weatherfield because he can’t look Sam in the eye, she blames herself for everything that has happened again because she feels like she is always linked to the bad things that are happening on the street in some way. She can’t get it out of her head that she is the problem.

Mag+: Does this remind her about what happened with her dad?

MG: Yes, it’s really sad because Nina has had a lot of people leave her and she has lost everyone that means the most to her; now Roy is leaving too. She feels like Roy leaving is different because Roy is making the decision to leave her and it’s his choice. She is absolutely gutted and she is trying everything to persuade him to stay.

Mag+: How would she cope if Roy were to leave the street?

MG: Although Nina is strong, she feels like it is one awful thing after another right now for her. We have seen her spiral out of control before after Seb’s death when she was abusing alcohol and this situation would be even worse because she will have lost both Seb and Roy in the space of a few months. I would hate to see what she does because she will have no one.

Mag+: What does she do to stop Roy leaving?

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MG: She talks about everyone that she has lost in the past, her mum, her dad, Seb and now Roy. She tells Roy that if he leaves, he will be breaking the promise that he made to her dad, the promise to look after. She feels let down by him and she just wants him to stay. I think if he were to stay, she has already felt so let down even by the thought of him leaving her that it would cause problems for them further down the line.

Mag+: When she sees Kelly surrounded by jeering teenagers, does it remind her of what she went through?

MG: Yes, that is a massive trigger and it happens just as she is trying to put on a brave face in the midst of the situation with Roy.

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