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Sister of Love Island's Dami Hope says there could be a twist with him getting back with Indiyah

Indiyah (23) is now with 25-year-old Deji Adeniyi, from Bedford

Dami's family in Wexford

Indiyah Polack and Dami Hope

Dami's mum and dad, Bukola and Babajide

Dami in his schooldays in New Ross

Eugene MastersonSunday World

A SISTER of Love Island’s Dami Hope believes there could be a twist in the show, which may see the Irishman getting back again with Indiyah Polack.

Fans were stunned when the pair, who seemed smitten with each other, recoupled with different partners following the dramatic Casa Amor segment of the hit dating show.

Viewers were glued to the Virgin Media programme this week to watch the fallout as the girls returned to the main villa to find out whether their previous partner from the main house had recoupled.

The girls had spent several days getting to know six new boys in the infamous Casa Amor, while the original boys were introduced to six new girls who joined them in the main villa.

Thursday night’s explosive episode saw Wexford man Dami (26) decide to recouple with newcomer Summer Botwe (22), from Herfordshire, with whom he shared a sneaky kiss 20 minutes after Indiyah left the villa.

Indiyah (23) is now with 25-year-old Deji Adeniyi, from Bedford, after she also decided to recouple with a new partner.

“I loved her (Indiyah),” Dami’s sister Cynthia Adegbefan tells the Sunday World. “She is absolutely beautiful. I just thought they were perfect together. Their personality was the same. I liked her as person. She is very open and honest as well.”

Cynthia (19) believes it may not be the end of Dami and Indiyah being a couple.

Dami in his schooldays in New Ross

“Yeah, but who’s to say it’s the end of the relationship,” she stresses. “Damil and Indiyah could also rekindle as well. It might not be the end. I have faith. Maybe he wanted to see if he had another connection, which he’s allowed to do. monitored

“That’s what he’s there for, he’s meant to see who he has the best connection. He has already tried that with Indiyah, maybe he wanted to give Summer a go.”

Cynthia has also hit out at cruel trolls and haters on social media, who have targeted Dami, so much so the family have monitored and closed off his account.

“It’s annoying, but it’s always sad, because people are coming for him for doing what was best for him,” she points out. “Maybe he didn’t do it in the best way – I’m not going to say I agree with what he has done.

“But all this hate on his Instagram and his social media, I don’t think that’s the right thing... People need to realise he has feelings too. The things that people say could affect his mental health and wellbeing.”

Dami was born in Nigeria as Adedamola Adegbefan and moved with his family to Ireland at the age of five in 2001, where he was raised in New Ross.

His dad Babajide is a council worker and mother Bukola is a carer. Dami is the second eldest of four girls and two boys, the others are chef Abosede (29), team leader Femi (24), college engineering student David (21) college law student Cynthia (19) and Junior Cert student Amanda (15).

Babajide laughs when asked what he thinks of his son on the show.

Dami's mum and dad, Bukola and Babajide

“What can we do?,” he said. “Lads will be lads. Now he’s getting bad reviews from his buddies.

“My own perspective is different to the youth of today. There’s nothing I can say to change anyone’s opinion. But in my own way, I will say let’s see and what’s going to happen

“The majority of people, they were blaming Dami, based on what he did. The kiss he had with the other girl Summer, because of that a lot of people have changed their opinion of him. There shouldn’t be any tests though.”

Babajide reveals Dami moved to Dublin a couple of years ago when he got a job as a microbiologist, after studying Bioscience with Biopharmaceuticals in Carlow. He lives in Dublin’s Adamstown and works as a microbiologist.

“He works in Dublin,” he adds. “He has his friends from Good Counsel, the school he attended in New Ross and he now also has a lot of friends in Dublin.”

He smiles when asked about Dami’s love life back home.

“You know the boys, they won’t talk to the parents. He has his own crew. I don’t get to see them,” he remarks.”Babajide works in Waterford city but when he’s finishes work he tunes into the show from his office.

“I’m enjoying it and I do watch it every night, when I finish,” he says.

Mum Bukola says she too is a fan.

“I am rooting for him. I am so proud of him,” she beams.

Dami’s brother David, who plays rugby for New Ross, is also chuffed.

“I think he is going fairly well,” he says. “He still has room for improvement, he is probably only at 90% right now. He is a very straightforward person, honest, he is kind as well. He is very mature for his age.”

He recalls Dami playing soccer when he was younger, but in recent years the 6’3” lad has more of a passion for basketball.

David also reveals his bit brother shortened his name a few years ago.

“He shortened it a long time ago in secondary school, it was an easier way to spell it,” he explains. David is also glued to the TV.

“The whole family watches it every night. We were a bit shocked at the recoupling, but it is what it is,” he notes. Cynthia believes viewers are seeing the real Dami.

“I think it’s nice to see him there. He’s being his true self. He’s not much different than when he would be at home. He is very open and honest. He gets along with everyone and is very friendly. He’s just being himself, which I like, that he’s not putting on another personality.” she insists.

She gushes with pride when she talks about Dami.

“I’m just so proud of him... I’m so proud to say, ‘that’s my brother’. I will always be proud to say that. If that’s what he wanted and he got it, that he put his mind to it. I’m happy that he’s there and he’s thriving and he’s doing his best, which he deserves,” she says.

Cynthia also predicts Dami will also be involved in microbiology.

“I think Dami will never forget his job,” she said. “That’s what he studied in college, he will never forget it... I feel like he could be an influencer, but he will always have that scientific kind of mind, he would be in that mindset. He’s a microbiologist, he can always be a famous microbiologist as well.”

She also can’t recall Dami having a girlfriend in recent times.

“He didn’t have a girlfriend back home or in Dublin before he left. I think he went on to find someone, to find love, as you do on the show,” she says.Meanwhile, Cynthia says her family are the talk of the town.

“Everyone when I go out, people are like ‘oh my God, you are Dami’s sister, that’s so cool, how do you feel, that’s so mad’, because New Ross is such a small place,” she smiles.

“You wouldn’t think someone from here – I’m not saying it’s impossible – but you wouldn’t think someone from New Ross would be on a show like that, so they are all a bit excited to see someone from their small town going on the show.”

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