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Coola Boola? Love/Hate: Top ten moments

It's been ten years since Ireland's greatest ever TV gangland drama first aired. So to mark the occasion we have compiled our favourite storylines from five explosive seasons that still have us talking today. Coola Boola?


1/ Season 1, Episode 4: Nidge and Trish get married


It was supposed to be Trish's dream wedding, but it will always be remembered for John Boy and Hughie turning up unannounced while high on class-A drugs and for Tommy cheating on Mary with Siobhán.

Set in the stunning ballroom at Kildare's Carton House, viewers looked on in terror not knowing what was about to unfold. The gripping drama even allowed us to forgive them for that cringe-worthy dance scene in the church when the writers and director went rogue.

2/ Season 2, Episode 2: Nidge and Linda in the back of the jeep


The beauty of Love/Hate was that in between the gruesomeness and grittiness there were moments of hilarity. He may have been a murderer and a gang boss, but we were rooting for Nidge. He was that likeable. Even when he was cheating on Trish with his old flame Linda.

The funniest of these encounters came in the back of his Jeep Cherokee out by the Old Airport Road when the pair of them had a slight crash landing. There was genuine chemistry between them, which made the following episode (when Nidge petrol bombed her house and disfigured her) all the more shocking. Aww bless.

3/ Season 2, Episode 5: John Boy is killed by Darren


Brilliantly written and utterly suspenseful, no one predicted that the helmet-wearing, gun-wielding Darren was going to take aim at John Boy. We all thought Ado was the one who was going to get whacked.

But it was the mob boss who was assassinated in cold blood and allowed 'Nidge Weasel' to get a well-earned promotion to top dog in the criminal underworld. Creating this kind of drama in the penultimate episode of the season was a genius move by the creators because it added to the shock value.

4/ Season 1, Episode 4: Hughie shoots himself by accident


HE was the definition of a loose canon causing mayhem everywhere he went but blood is thicker than water - especially in the crime world - so Hughie got a free pass after he revealed that he was the one who killed Darren's brother Robbie. When John Boy backed his half-brother, instead of allowing revenge, the wheels started to come off for the criminal gang.

Increasingly volatile throughout the show, it proved quite fitting that he ended up shooting himself in the head while joking around with Elmo and his cousin Pottsie.

5/ Season 1, Episode 1: Robbie gets assassinated while on his phone


Remember Robbie? Nope? Well, he lasted all of four minutes in the gritty drama (I reckon some extras had more airtime by the end of the show), but his murder set about a chain of events that had us gripped for five long dramatic years.

Having just been released from jail he was on the phone to his brother (Darren) giving out about Tommy being late, when out of nowhere a gunman pulled up and shot him dead before fleeing. It set the tone for how Love/Hate was going to work and it got the whole country talking. Although I kind of feel sorry for actor Chris Newman for such a brief appearance.

6/ Season 3, Episode 5: Nidge meets the IRA while drunk and high





King Nidge has taken over the reins from John Boy and set about creating his own empire in season three and that involved getting into bed with the IRA.

When things turned sour (to be fair they killed Git for raping Siobhán) he tried to sort it out himself by walking right into the lion's den alone and unarmed. Instead he relied on drink and drugs. The scene was one of Tom Vaughan-Lawlor's finest.

7/ Season 4, Episode 1: Barry Keoghan shoots a cat


Long before becoming Hollywood royalty Barry Keoghan got his call up on Love/Hate as the baby-faced cat killer who famously machine-gunned an innocent moggy in the middle of the flats in one of the show's most casually grim moments.

Instantly the Love/Hate pussy had its own Twitter page and animal rights people were up in arms about the scene.

8/ Season 4, Episode 4: Fran produces IRA man Git's finger


Fran was so much more than just a gimmicky catchphrase; he was pure evil at times and a thorn in Nidge's side (for the most part). One of his most memorable contributions was when he produced the dismembered, rotting finger of slain IRA leader Git. He uttered the now-infamous words: 'I've a bone to pick with you Nidgy'. Brilliant.

9/ Season 5, Episode 6: Siobhan turns out to be the rat


When Nidge eventually finds out that his own niece Siobhán (played by the uber-talented Charlie Murphy) is the rat who has been feeding the cops information, it became one of the most riveting scenes in the whole five-season run of Love/Hate.

Two of the best actors in the country left alone to go at it with a genius script and 28 episodes of context and build-up. Viewers sat and watched in awe as it unfolded.

10/ Season 5, Episode 6: King Nidge is dead

I still don't know how RTÉ kept it a secret for the eight months between filming and airing, but Nidge's ultimate demise was the perfect climax to Ireland's greatest ever gangland drama.

Left crawling through his back garden he is finally finished off by Patrick and all in plain sight of his poor son Warren.