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funny moments Love Island episode 5: Chugg’s Crocs, recoupling rehashed, plus a newbie bombshell


Chuggs and Liberty chat

Chuggs and Liberty chat

Chuggs and Liberty chat

Two new boys came barrelling into the Villa, and "key worker" Chuggs and Hugo wasted no time in clashing holiday shirts, telling anyone within earshot that they were at Oxford together.

Given Chuggs delivered the ultimate compliment for any woman ("she's independent") when discussing his date, Aaron almost immediately marked his territory saying "Um, Sharon is the one I've been speaking to most." Right so.

What else materialised once the two newbies entered the fray? We discovered Liam is also into feet; unsurprising given how far away he is from his own hooves, they must be so exotic to him.

With regards as to how Faye feels after their date; she plans to marry Liam ASAP, which doesn't look great for Hugo.

Pant parade and tatt comparisons dispensed (Frank Sinatra and Muhammad Ali put in an appearance on 21-year-old Liam's leg), all the Islanders were conked out before the lights dimmed. Poor exhausted lambs.

Morning yawning montage complete and day bikinis chosen, Chuggs ingested his own weight in "pewched oggs and sahlmon", before the girls got a text announcing there's a recoupling later.

Despite this, Chuggs reckoned he's got the pick of the bunch. He seems to have forgotten that girls (currently) rule.

Plus, man's wearing lilac crocs. In spite of all the odds, Chloe and himself seemed to have a spark, which is little surprise given she's possibly partial to "pewched oggs and sahlmon" of a morning too.

And, sure he's probably wearing the Crocs ironically. Aren't we all?

So, after personally confirming "YAH, YOU'RE MY TYPE, SOMEONE I COULD BRING HEWME FOR A BARBEEKYEEHW", Chuggs then rewarded Chloe by asking her to slather cream on his back.

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Cream that he just so happened to have hidden on his person. At the time. As one does.

Recoupling condensed...

With the recoupling looming, the only couples that have lasted the pace since Day One are Liberty and Jake, plus Kaz and Toby.

Kaz: Obviously went for Toby, and she will rue the day.

Sharon: She's had a bit of a rollercoaster. She went on (an enforced public) date with Chuggs, is coupled with Hugo, and shared many smooches with Aaron. In short, ShAarron is officially a go.

Liberty: Despite him farting in her general direction, literally seconds after they'd shared their first spontaneous kiss – plus the small fact that he's currently rammed into what appears to be a denim pair of bicycle shorts – poor wee future broken-hearted Libby chose Snake.

Faye: She's coupled with Brad (remember, he called her "the blue one" on Day One #memories), and has been swinging out of Hugo – that is until Liam came through the door last night. Did she do the right thing and keep Hugo? Nope, she went with newbie Liam – who will launch her the minute a brunette comes in.

Chloe: With Hugo, Brad and Chuggs left... who will she go for? She kicked things off by saying she wants to see the boy she's choosing to find love in the Villa, and hopes he wants the same for her. In short, she did the sound thing and kept Hugo. Just as well, he has no job to go back to – unlike "key worker" bucket hat entrepreneur Chuggs and labourer Brad.

Just as it seemed the Geordie and the Tory were going to be sent packing immediately, like Shannon, both boys received a text saying their time at the Villa "is at risk".

As for who stays, that is down to "Rachel". A cracking sort who had to walk into the Villa all on her todd.

And didn't she play an absolute blinder? She's got 24 little hours to decide who to choose. However, we'll have to wait until Sunday to find out. Thank heavens for that. I, for one, need a night off double screening.

One week down, only another seven to go!

Tweet of the night...

Key takeaway…

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