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ghost wanted Limerick man who claims he lost his virginity to a ghost to appear on another dating show

Rob Mac (31) will be on RTE's Pulling With My Parents tonight, a year after he appeared on the station's First Dates show.


Rob met Leona on First Dates but that romance didn’t last

Rob met Leona on First Dates but that romance didn’t last

Rob gets his mum and friend to help him find love

Rob gets his mum and friend to help him find love

Hapless romeo Rob Mac

Hapless romeo Rob Mac


Rob met Leona on First Dates but that romance didn’t last

A hapless romeo who has failed to score with 75 women on Tinder dates but claims to have found love with a ghost is making his second appearance on a TV dating show.

Limerick man Rob Mac (31) will be on RTE's Pulling With My Parents tonight, a year after he appeared on the station's First Dates show.

The heavily tattooed visual and audio artist failed to continue his romance with Leona from that show as she lived in Dublin and they found a long-distance relationship too problematic to pursue.

Rob's bid to find a steady girlfriend came after his revelation that he lost his virginity to a ghost at the age of 16.

"As a kid I was always susceptible to paranormal entities and I used to see a lot of ghosts growing up," he recalled.

"They are white silhouettes, I've seen them walk through doors. I'd wake up and they'd be sitting at the end of my bed. I remember my mum was sick at one point and I walked in and there was a ghost rubbing her feet and looking at her really empathetically."


Rob gets his mum and friend to help him find love

Rob gets his mum and friend to help him find love

Rob gets his mum and friend to help him find love

It was while living in an apartment in Limerick's Windmill Street with his mother and two brothers that the energy levels went 'crazy'.

"I had a romantic connection with a ghost called Molly while living there and she was just very nurturing," he maintains.

Rob insists that people should not scoff at the idea that someone could have sex with a ghost.

"Wait until you try it," he winked. "It was more a case of me kind of lying down and her kind of teaching me. So she would have gotten on top and been more dominant in the scenario.

"There was a warmth and energy which I could feel. I felt quite safe. It was three times it happened and was enjoyable. She was about six or seven years older than me at the time, so I would say she was in her early twenties."

He says the family was forced to flee the apartment when things started going haywire.

"The apartment got extremely active shortly afterwards," he remembers.

"That's why we moved out of there. The lights went on and off by themselves, plates were smashing. We woke up one morning and there were about 1,000 handprints all over the hallway - we actually ran out of there."

Rob, who insists he has psychic powers, has nothing but fond memories of Molly.

"It may have developed into a relationship but I moved out of there and I never saw her again," he complains.

Now he wants a more earthly girlfriend and has enlisted his mum Emily and friend to help him find a partner, after failing to do so on Tinder.


Hapless romeo Rob Mac

Hapless romeo Rob Mac

Hapless romeo Rob Mac

"It became a full time job, to be honest with you," he moaned about his search for love on the dating app.

"I'm a classy guy so I'm not going to be sleeping with a woman on our first date.

"I'm very intuitive and I will know within five minutes of meeting a girl if there is a connection and I find that genuinely pretty hard to find, so I would just tell the girl straight out."

He adds: "I do really believe I have intuition and psychic abilities, so I can actually literally know when I've met that person. Any time I've met a person I would know if I'm going to be with that person for years to come."

Rob stresses that there have been instances in the past several months where he had deep feelings for girls but lockdown made it difficult for him.

"I was seeing a girl in Galway for a while and we had about four days and it was going really well, but lockdown came and we couldn't really see each other that much," he explains.

"I was chatting with a girl in Glasgow for two months online and in video calls and it looked like I was going to relocate, but we couldn't meet because of lockdown so that fizzled out."


Rob, who has spent over €20,000 on nearly 80 tattoos, believes his bad luck in romance is a double-edged sword as it has given him more time to focus on his career.

"I'm a busy person in my own professional life and dating is a distraction at the moment, so I am just using the time to upskill and change my life the way I want, there are a lot of things in my life I want to improve," he says.

Rob decided to give romance another throw of the dice with Pulling With My Parents, a show in which a man or woman gets parents or friends to help them choose prospective partners.

He will be seen going on two dates, one with a Dubliner and another with an Australian who lives in Munster.

"It was weird during filming as we weren't allowed hug and we had to maintain social distancing," he says.

Viewers will have to find out tonight if Rob has better luck, but he admits he still bears a torch for his first love, Molly the ghost.

"Some people wouldn't understand it, but they're not smart enough to understand it - I'm not stupid enough to explain it," he says when asked if some people have doubted his claims.

"To be honest, I do still have connections with energies, which I would describe them.

"I feel like I have gotten it off my chest, speaking about Molly and what happened."

He adds he now gets "messages from Mother Nature".

"Throughout lockdown it has been amazing," he says. "I have become very much in tune with animals and wildlife, birds in particular.


"I had a heron, I believe he is my spirit animal, living pretty much outside my window across the lake."

Rob has not seen ghost Molly since he fled the building she haunted.

"I have never seen her again," he admits. "I can still obviously feel entities and everything like that, but I don't have any personal connections or relations with them, or I don't have dialogue with them.

"I have actually come to put that to bed and realise what I'm looking for and I'm relentless in my search to find that.

"I want to find a really, really hot, tattooed girl with a peachy ass. Someone like Nikki Simpson and until I find a girl like that I'm happy to be single."

Rob is initially seen blushing on the show when one of his messages on Tinder is read out in front of his mum Emily, in which he tells his prospective date that she made him "rock hard", but Emily laughs it off.

"My mom was a very young mom when she had me," says Rob, who is the eldest of three.

"She was always a mom when she needed to be a mom, but she was also a friend and I still consider her to be one of my best friends."

His two younger brothers don't have his psychic abilities.

"Sometimes I go for walks in the cemetery with my brothers because we're interested in that type of thing," he reveals.

"We kind of go ghost hunting at night time, but they wouldn't pick up on it like I would."

Pulling With My Parents is on RTE2 tonight at 9.35pm.

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