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Hughie Maughan calls First Dates match a 'plank' after 'rollercoaster' dating show appearance

"The date was a rollercoaster, I can definitely tell you that much, it's one to watch," says reality TV star Hughie.

Hughie Maughan

First Dates guest Paul from Glasgow

Eugene Masterson

Furious Hughie Maughan last night lashed out at a love hopeful he met on RTÉ's First Dates after hearing what his dinner companion said about him afterwards.

Hairdresser Paul Smith admits he went on the show to find the man of his dreams but was left sorely disappointed with Hughie, who found fame on Big Brother and later on Dancing With The Stars.

Paul (31) claims he was left crestfallen after his experience and branded Hughie:

• Too short

• Camp

• Fake looking and

• An attention seeker.

And to add insult to injury, Paul reveals he had no idea who Hughie was as "I never saw him on Big Brother, let alone Dancing With The Stars".

Hughie (26), from Ballymun, Dublin, was initially reticent to comment on Paul as he said he wanted viewers to be left with an element of surprise about what he admits was a "rollercoaster" of a date.

But when told what Paul said about him, he flew into a rage and slammed the Scot as:

• A plank

• Having the personality of a doorknob

• One of the rudest people he's ever met and

• Not as good looking as Hughie.

Paul, from Glasgow, has been living in Dublin for two years, having been headhunted for a hairdressing salon here.

First Dates guest Paul from Glasgow

He went on First Dates as he prefers to meet someone naturally rather than on dating apps like Grindr.

"I've been to the gay bars in Dublin and nights out and festivals, I've done them all," he explains.

"I'm not someone who likes to be involved on the pull, as they call it. I'm more involved with partying with my friends, I'm not really into dating on apps.

"I wouldn't say I go for a certain person, but definitely one major thing for me is height. They need to be as tall as me or slightly smaller, I'm six foot.

"But apart from that, I don't have a type in terms of looks. I love Latin, Hispanic, black, white. In terms of hair colour, none of that bothers me, It's all about personality. They need to be quite headstrong, know where they are going in life, ambition, drive and also know how to have fun and switch off come the weekend."

He was unaware Hughie is a celebrity.

"I haven't watched Big Brother in years. He mentioned it when I was on the date, but I never saw him on it. I watched the early years. I didn't see him on the other show he was on either," he points out.

He was then asked about Hughie as a person.

"Hughie was a lot smaller than me, don't get me wrong I can go for shorter guys, but he was nowhere near six foot," he says.

"I think it's the way they handle themselves, their posture as well. He came across a bit short, maybe it was because he was a bit more casually dressed, he seemed small to me.

"Looks wise, he wasn't for me. He's a bit over the top with his look personally. It's not something that I'm into. He has a bit of a fake look, which is fine if that's what he's into.

"There's people out there who do love that, it's just not what I'm into and not what I like personally. I'm sure there's people out there who won't like the way I look. He was a just a bit too over the top for me looks wise."

He adds: "Personality wise, he's a bit over the top, loud, and he loves attention, which is something I wouldn't be looking for in a guy. [In] his interaction with the room, he was very aware of what was going on and was a bit of an attention seeker.

"I like a bit more grungier, or bit more well presented in grooming. I don't like a lot of make-up and tan, which he had. He was a bit too camp as well."

Hughie was initially reluctant to talk about his date, as he stressed he wants to leave First Dates viewers guessing.

"The date was a rollercoaster, I can definitely tell you that much, it's one to watch, it has a lot of ups and down," he says. "You're getting it from start to finish. I obviously can't tell you what the result is.

Hughie Maughan and the cast of RTE's Dancing With The Stars.

"But I can definitely tell you it's not your average episode, it never is with me - drama with a capital D."

He was then informed what Paul said about him.

"He shouldn't be talking about anyone who's camp because that's how camp he is himself!" he said.

"I think I was probably taller than him, so he shouldn't be talking about that either!

"And as for the attention seeking part, I probably sometimes am and was probably a bit nervous and like a chat, but I'm sorry that somebody was intimidated by my personality.

"I was having a bit of craic with the barman and stuff, but that's me on a night out. He was just one of the rudest people I've ever met in some ways.

"To say I'm not his type when I'm about five times better looking than him, which everyone will see, is just ridiculous."

Hughie said he went on the show to try his best to find love at the height of lockdown after having a difficult breakup with Ryan Ruckledge, who he met on Big Brother.

"In those circumstances I did a pretty good job," he insists. "I was so chatty, I was asking loads of questions, I was trying to have a laugh and had a drinking game.

"When you've got a plank in front of you, with the personality of a doorknob, what the f**k do you want me to do?"

Hughie is still recovering from a recent 'bum lift' operation.

"I got the male BBL, male Brazilian bum lift. With lads they put all the fat right on the back...this is like a really big muscular addition to your bum. I need to work out a bit more though, to make it stand out.

"On Monday I will be six weeks over my operation, so I can start sitting down, lying down and finally get into a car and go to the shops and do things I haven't done since before Christmas," he says.

First Dates is on RTE2 on Thursday at 9.30pm.

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