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LOOKING FOR LOVE Former Miss Ireland puts dating fears aside to take part in RTÉ's Pulling with My Parents

"I turned down Love Island because of the bullying… I knew mentally I wasn't strong enough..."


Chelsea Farrell says she has received online abuse about her looks

Chelsea Farrell says she has received online abuse about her looks

Chelsea Farrell says she has received online abuse about her looks

Former Miss Ireland Chelsea Farrell is on the pull and so are her male admirers.

Chelsea is set to appear on the hit RTÉ dating show, Pulling with My Parents this week.

But rather than swiping her off her feet, the 21-year-old revealed some would-be suitors were a little too heavy handed in their declarations of lust.

"Some guy was texting me and I completely disregarded it and didn't reply and then he just wrote back, 'it's okay, I am just going to have a w**k and go asleep. 'I mean do guys think that is a compliment, am I supposed to be impressed?" In the quest for love, the Louth model handed over her dating profiles to her mum Carrie with one strict caveat, no drug dealers.

"My mom always says, 'you need a boy that is somewhat quiet and respectful,' but no, I want the bad boy. I trust her so it has been good fun watching her be a matchmaker.

"I just love someone who has got a good personality. Someone you can have a laugh with that isn't too serious all the time but can be serious when they need to be. And not a drug dealer, that was a big thing for me. Someone who says, 'I don't do drugs, but I smoke weed' is a no from me.'

A complete novice to the world of online dating, the student midwife revealed swiping left and right was a complete first for her.

"I've never been on a dating app in my whole life. I'm such a believer in if you're going to fall in love with someone just let it happen naturally and in person, don't force it over the internet, but of course I had to sign up to dating sites.

"I was quite fussy, so the slightest little thing could just turn me completely off. Like when they have pictures of themselves with their ex-girlfriend's, or just their dogs or when they're like 27 so why do they have their Debs pictures up? Or in their bios they have, 'I am not here for a long time, I'm here for a good time' and I'm like no."


Chelsea says that she won’ let the trolls hold her back

Chelsea says that she won’ let the trolls hold her back

Chelsea says that she won’ let the trolls hold her back

In real life, Chelsea has a type.

"If you want to impress me make the first move and make the effort. I am quite shy. I am very hard to impress, but someone who is a gentleman or someone who has a cheeky little chat-up line...

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"I'd often be out and when I come home I would get a message from a gorgeous-looking chap, saying, 'I saw you out and I was afraid to come up to you.' And then I find on social media that a lot of fellas will react to all your stories, but if you want to talk to me don't be sending me flame emojis. "

Despite the potential of finding the one, the social media star said she was initially hesitant about singing up to the hit show.

"When I got the call I was like 'not a hope am I putting myself through that'. I thought it might be a bit cringey but then I've turned down quite big TV opportunities that came from the UK, so I said before I go down that road I should give back to Irish TV."

The beauty queen, who has spoken out against vile online trolls who have waged a relentless campaign of harassment against her, was determined to silence her critics and step out of her comfort zone.

"During Covid I hit rock bottom when it came to online trolling and being bullied. I turned down massive opportunities like Love Island because of the bullying. I was at such a low point that I knew mentally I wasn't strong enough.

"I know this Irish show won't be broadcast to as wide an audience but there are still a lot of people that are going to see this. I did have to ask myself if I would be ready for the trolling to start all over again?"


Chelsea and mum Carrie with Paul Carroll

Chelsea and mum Carrie with Paul Carroll

Chelsea and mum Carrie with Paul Carroll

Speaking out about the harrowing abuse she received, Chelsea adds: "I would get messages that said, 'you're never going to be successful,' 'you're ugly,' 'go jump off a bridge' and 'you would be better off dead'. You know these people are just sitting at home with no lives and nothing good going on for them and they are just trying to tear you down.

"At one point I started to agree with them, I am overweight, and I am ugly. It does impact you and it is only when people around you are telling you 'come on now, you've started to lose weight' when you recognise, God, they are winning.

"Doing the show, they will see we didn't destroy her and we didn't knock her down. You have to prove to yourself that they are worthless, and they are not going to affect you.

"I know how listening to other people's stories really helped me so I know talking out about my own experience might help other people too.

"I am really nervous about the show coming out but I think it is going to be good fun. You'll have to tune in to see if it was a success."

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