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achy breaky part First Dates hopeful 'snapped his banjo string' during sex and pals had to call an ambulance

"My mum came to collect me... She found it more funny than anything else"


RTÉ First Dates: Jordan Kelly and Sasha Doran

RTÉ First Dates: Jordan Kelly and Sasha Doran

RTÉ First Dates: Jordan Kelly and Sasha Doran

AFTER breaking his neck playing football and ­being treated for various ­sporting injuries, Jordan Kelly was on first-name terms with the staff at his local hospital.

But unlucky Jordan had yet to suffer every man's worst nightmare injury - breaking his member.

The Limerick man appears on RTÉ's First Dates on Thursday and stuns his date Sasha Doran by revealing how he was rushed to hospital after a horrific ­incident while having sex.

Jordan (24), who works for Uber and hails from Kileely in Limerick, was at an end-of-course student party in the Treaty City in May last year when it happened.

It turned out he was invited to the bash because a girl at the party fancied him.

During the party, Jordan retired for some rest in a bedroom while his other friends partied into the small hours.

"I was asleep and the girl ­followed me in and one thing led to another," Jordan tells the Sunday World.

"We were doing the thing, sex, and she decided to pull it [his penis] and she snapped my banjo string," he recalls.

"I kind of flinched when it happened, but she managed to basically rip my foreskin in half."

Jordan was in agony and believes he may have momentarily blacked out with the pain.

"It was terrible."

"I screamed so loudly and was in so much pain my friend heard me and ran into the room to see what was wrong and he was like 'oh my God, what have you done to him?'" he explains.

The blood wouldn't stop and his friends called 999.

"I was in a f**king bad way," he says. "I had to be rushed to hospital in an ambulance.

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"The worst thing was my aunt Marilyn is a paramedic and so I was terrified my aunt is going to have to come and look after me with my broken penis. It wasn't her, thankfully."

Jordan, who has three siblings, admits he is a mummy's boy and tells his mother Nicola "everything", so got his mum to rush to the hospital.

"My mum came to collect me.

"She found it more funny than anything else," he smiles.

He has not seen the girl from the incident since.

"At the time I hated it and didn't want to know, but nothing really fazes me and it's something I can laugh about now."

Jordan was given medicine for his injured member and is now fortunately fine in that department again.

"I had to get it glued back together, had to go for appointments to make sure it was healing properly. I thought there would have been scarring but, luckily enough, there's none.

"I had to wait a good while for it to heal though, and it's all back to normal, thank God," he says.

He happily admits he's had sex since.

"When I finally did… I waited a good while, I was terrified.

"It was grand and I haven't had any injuries since."

Jordan towers at 6'5" tall and luckily his date Sasha is a tall girl and did not want anyone shorter than her.

"I'm fond of a jack-the-lad kind of character, like good banter," Sasha (22), from Castlebar, Co Mayo, says.

"Someone that's able to keep up with me basically, I have my wild side."

When Jordan told her about his terrifying sex injury, she looked at him and exclaimed: "Wow. Oh wow."

Jordan has had two long term relationships in recent years and decided to go on First Dates after a friend saw an ad for it on Facebook.

"I don't really think I have a type as long as I get along with the person and I think they're good looking, I don't really care in that sense," he stresses.

"Basing it on celebrity crushes I noticed a trend that was a lot of them were blonde."

Jordan's soccer injury happened in his mid-teens, when he was a goalie and a striker ran in for a ball and his knee hit Jordan's head so hard that it ended up breaking his neck.

"The lads in the team used always say 'three things guaranteed in life - death, taxes and you're going to get injured at least once this season'," he recalls of his time paying with Parkville.

"From about aged seven up to about 17 or 18 I was injured at least once a season.

"There was one season I got injured six times.

"I was in the Regional Hospital in Limerick and it got to the point on the third or fourth visit that they knew me by name out there because I was out there so much.

"It was just all sports injuries, broken wrists, broke my knee, at one stage a stud went into my leg and ripped open my leg. Whatever you can think of I've broken it or injured it.

"And then of course I ended up breaking my penis too."

First Dates is on RTÉ 2 on tonight at 9.30pm.

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