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shock revelation Fair City spoilers: Fr Liam finally tells Hayley that he is her father

How will Hayley react to finally finding out who her dad is? Tune in on Sunday night at 8PM


Hayley and Liam

Hayley and Liam

Hayley and Liam

The moment that Fair City fans have been waiting for finally arrives tonight when Fr Liam tells Hayley that he is her father.

Ever since Tina Kellegher’s character, Ger Lynch, revealed to Fr Liam that he was Hayley's dad a number of weeks ago in the controversial confession scene, the priest - played by the son of legendary Dubliners singer Ronnie Drew - had to decide whether to tell her or not.

Carol Foley who had recently embarked on an affair with the priest, had been helping Liam come to a decision about telling Hayley.

But it was Ger, who is Hayley's biological mother, who finally put the screws on Liam, telling him that if he didn't tell Hayley the truth, she would.

A few weeks ago, Liam did try but after backing out at the last minute Carol, played by actress Aisling O'Neill, encouraged him to try again.

Liam then told Ger he wasn’t going to tell Hayley the truth and since then the plot has simmering along in Carrigstown.

Fr Liam’s affair with Carol had also been dominating the priest’s thoughts, ever since the pair slept together.

When Liam admitted to Father Art that he might be in love with Carol, he was told he had to make a choice.

Father Art advised Liam to think outside the confession box and consider life as a layman.

Struggling with his predicament, things come to a head when Liam bumps into Anto while looking after Jack. During the conversation Anto says: "Kids need stability."

"You did it with Hayley, of course," Fr Liam replies. "Stepped up when her real da wasn't around."

"What's it to you who Hayley's dad is anyway?" asks Anto angrily.

He then rounds on Liam demanding to know why any of this is his business is it of his, and declaring, he’s “not some substitute and neither is Sharon”.

“Hayley's me daughter”, he tells Fr Liam, pointing out that no one knows who Hayley's biological dad is.

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That proves to the breaking point for Fr Liam who meets with Hayley in the Hungry Pig and drops him bombshell...”there's no easy way to say this.... I'm your father”.

Fair City Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday 8PM on RTÉ One.