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spoiler alert Fair City Christmas special spoilers: Tensions rise between Carol and thieving Louis in explosive extended episode

FAIR City’s new lovable rogue is set to cause more chaos in Carrigstown when Louis Gleeson still tries to get the better of Carol Foley.

Viewers have already seen how Carol thought it was her ex-husband Louie who she was bailing out of jail, only to find out it was his cousin Louis.

And after giving Louis the sofa, he has already rattled her by brining her son Jack begging.

In tonight’s extended Christmas special, in between the friendly banter, Yates warns Carol not to trust her new house guest. She's later dumbfounded when Yates admits he misses her and dismisses him. She also shuts down Nora’s attempt at matchmaking.


Against her better judgement Carol offers Louis a bed for the night

Against her better judgement Carol offers Louis a bed for the night

Against her better judgement Carol offers Louis a bed for the night

Louis injects a little fun into Christmas Day. Carol realises that despite all of his protestations of innocence, Louis is a thief after all.

She shows both Louis and Yates the door.

Louis Lovett, who plays Louis Gleeson, laughs at the ‘Louis triangle”’ between his own real name and the Louis/Louie confusion on the show.

“It makes it easy for me, I can answer when someone calls me,” Corkonian Louis tells SundayWorld.com

“Who knew Louis would get such exposure as a name!”

“Louie Gleeson had obviously that relationship with Carol and a strong connection with the bistro back in the day, so then that didn’t end on good terms for either of them,” he explains.

“So when I rock up she gets a call saying there’s a Louis Gleeson down in the jailhouse, she immediately assumes it’s her ex, and wants nothing to do with him

“Then she suspects something is up once she gets a description of him, which does not tally with her ex. He is a cousin.”

Several weeks ago, fans saw Louis trying to rob the Hungry Pig, only to be disturbed by Bob, and then the two hatched a plot to burn down the restaurant for insurance money.

“He's definitely the black sheep of the family,” says Louis of his character.

“He got his wires crossed, he tends to take the left when everyone else takes the right maybe and ends up going down these alleyways, that get him into trouble

“He’s a good old soul, but he always maybe makes the wrong decision. I think maybe he wants to live on the wild side I suppose, and is different to other people.”

He adds: “He’s a bit of a lovable rogue. Young Jack had that parent figure in the wonderful Karl Shiels (who played Robbie), up until last year, god rest his soul, I knew Karl very well.”

He recalls doing a show in the City Arts Centre with Karl, who sadly passed away last year.

“He made an impact when he walked into the rehearsal room way back then, so there was a great poignancy for me turning up on set and realising I was acting in Karl’s house, the character Robbie’s house, so I definitely had a couple of moments there,” reflects Louis.

“I can’t help but getting a thrill when I walk onto the set, because I know it so well from TV. Fair City has been there for so many decades now and you know it so well from the television and I definitely stole a moment when I walked down the main street, when there was no one around and I have to say it was quite a moment just to take it all in and look at the buildings.”

He is liking his interactions with Carol, played by Aisling O’Neill.

“With one look she is telling him ‘OK buddy, you have crossed the line, you are out of here’, but then in the next beat she is giving him a chance, because Carol has a huge heart and deep down I think she always favours the underdog as well,” he notes.

“And it’s Christmas and she doesn’t want to see someone put out on the street

“Aisling is an incredible actress and again that was an honour to be on the set, in scenes with her and watching her work and thinking ‘wow, this is the real deal’.

“We will all have to wait and see what happens with Louie. I can’t give away too much, but I think he is a very interesting character, because we don’t know which way he will go. He has a good heart, but he tens to make the wrong decision, so there’s a lot of scope there."

Elsewhere in Carrigstown tonight, the Collins’ unusual Christmas morning surprise for a hungover Anto doesn’t go down well. Ger is touched by Hayley’s Christmas present.

Hayley drafts Ger in to help cheer up Anto. Ger makes Anto see sense. Hayley doesn’t spare Yates’ feelings when they have a heart to heart. With help from his family, Anto recovers his festive spirit. A piper playing Silent Night warms the hearts of the Carrigstown residents.

Meanwhile, Dearbhla wonders what secret Doug and Tommy are keeping from her. Orla and Wayne share a sad zoom call. Dearbhla is furious that Doug and Tommy are covering for Wayne.

Wires get crossed when Doug overhears Wayne and Orla talking about the physiotherapist for Wayne’s broken leg. Orla sets her dinner guests straight on Wayne’s “cheating”. Orla is rocked by a question Junior has about his dad.

Fair City airs tonight on RTE One at 8.30pm.

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