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Anxious moments Dermot Bannon fears his new show's ratings may leave Room to Improve


Dermot Bannon

Dermot Bannon

Dermot Bannon

Celebrity architect Dermot Bannon has revealed he suffers terrible anxiety over his show's ratings. 

On Sunday night the first episode of his Incredible Homes series will be broadcast on RTÉ One.

Viewers will get to follow the Dublin design star to Canada, where he takes a look at some of the more unusual buildings in colder climates.

And while the nation will be brewing tea and munching biscuits, Dermot confessed he will be consumed by nerves as he fears for bad ratings.

“I worry about ratings all the time,” he said.

“I am dreading this weekend because it is a really public way of flogging you.

“I presume this is how politicians feel before a vote.

“It doesn’t bother me all year round when I am making the show.

“But it is only a couple of days before it goes out on the air that I start panicking.

“All I want for it is to do grand. If it does well, great, but I would hate for it to do badly and for nobody to watch it.

“And that will happen one day and it happens to everybody.

“I am just dreading that.

“I have been protected from that for a long time, because the show has always done well and people have watched it and loved it.

“But I will happen to me some day and maybe I am in fear of that happening.

“At the end of the day it is a programme about buildings and we will have done 13 seasons and that’s really good and you know what, if it ended there that would be okay.

“But I hope it doesn’t.”

While we’re all missing Room To Improve, the celebrity architect will front season three of Incredible Homes – which will follow Dermot as he visits stunning properties across Ireland.

The series usually features houses from across the world, but due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the upcoming episodes will feature one show on Canada, while the rest will focus on Ireland’s Incredible Homes.

“We were just back from Canada and we were supposed to go to Spain but the pandemic literally landed a few days before we were due to fly,” Dermot added.

“I hope people will enjoy the show because we have tried to look at Irish homes that maybe aren’t that obvious.

“And hopefully we can offer a bit of escapism from what is going on outside of your own house.”

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