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suspense Bridgerton star Claudia Jessie 'knows nothing' about what is going to happen in season two


Claudia Jessie (left) , who plays Eloise Bridgerton in the hit show is keeping us in suspense

Claudia Jessie (left) , who plays Eloise Bridgerton in the hit show is keeping us in suspense

Claudia Jessie (left) , who plays Eloise Bridgerton in the hit show is keeping us in suspense

Claudia Jessie, who plays Eloise Bridgerton in the hit Netflix show, has insisted that she “genuinely knows nothing” about what is going to happen in the much-anticipated second season. 

The show, which is now officially Netflix's biggest series ever, is poised to head back into production this spring but Claudia told Rebecca and Brendan on 98FM’s Big Breakfast that she is clueless about the storyline.

“I know nothing and I genuinely know nothing,” she insisted. “Like, I think I'd probably have to lie if I knew, but I genuinely know nothing. I can only imagine, I think we can all imagine, what it's going to be like when Eloise hits that marriage mark. She’s going to shake stuff up for sure, so I'm well excited to do that, in the way that Eloise is going to do it.

“Because, obviously, she has seen her older sister be, quote unquote perfect in her eyes. But she even thanks her in the final episode by saying, ‘thank you for being so perfect so I do not have to be’ and I'm hoping that that's what we're going to see.”

Speaking about the success of the series, Claudia revealed how she was knew it “was not gonna be terrible because it’s Netflix”, but “then, when the numbers start coming in you're like, okay, alright, so yeah, it can be overwhelming.

“But I feel quite sheltered,” she added. “I live in Birmingham, on a boat, and I feel quite separate from, and I think we all do at the moment actually, from life, but it's wonderful, I feel very grateful mostly, just very, very grateful.”

Speaking about her character’s love prospects, Claudia said she hoped she would find, “someone interesting, like a potential love match, I would like to see that. I tell you what I'm most excited about though, Eloise and Penelope because obviously we all know something now, don't we? We know what's going on.

“I'm quite excited to see their friendship on top of this, you know, big bubbling secret..that's what I'm most excited about, I think.”

She also revealed how Nicola Cochran’s character Penelope “fully stabbed me in the hand”, which was “not very nice”.

“It was our first day actually and poor Nicola had fallen over three times on her first day, what a champion, but then on the third one she was holding this parasol thing and as she fell forward I tried to maneuver to catch her and then the little silver bit of the parasol went straight into my hand.

“Once we had established that Nicola was okay, I was like, ‘hmm, guys I'm bleeding’, and I was bleeding into this little precious little white glove. So, yeah, we almost made like a blood oath on our first day which is why we're so close.”

She also revealed how the cast have a WhatsApp group of which she is the “resident recluse”.

“I get quite socially awkward, a lot of social anxiety, so I'm not too good, I don't really partake in WhatsApp. But I get loads of screengrabs from them all, loads of things that I should know about that I'm very grateful for because, yeah I'm not on social media and stuff, but they all very kindly send me things that they think I should see, which is really cute .”

But when pushed as to the name of the group she admitted that she didn’t actually know. "Ooh, my gosh, we’re so boring, it’s probably just ‘Bridgerton’,” she admitted.

Before she was a famous actor she worked for a radio station for their street team and she laughed at how she and her “best mate Layla, my best friend in the whole world used to have to basically, like, jump out in the street in front of people.

“We’d be like, ‘do you want tickets to see JLS’, but we didn’t really know anything about the musical artists we'd have to promote. And they'd be like, ‘oh, who's supporting them?, and we'd be like, ‘yes, some great guys.”

Speaking about Season 6 of Line of Duty and her character Jody “the most annoying person in the world”, Claudia said it was “one of the most tight-lipped shows in the world”.

“I remember seeing an article that my friend sent to me and it was entitled, ‘why Jody Taylor is just the worst’. But that's one of the most tight-lipped shows in the world.

“I am excited to watch Season six because they’re such a great bunch of people, I love them, so yeah, of course, I’ll support them ‘till the end.”

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