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one night banned Nathan Carter reveals he's still single and won't do one night stands

Nathan also said he has a 'no women' rule on the tour bus


Nathan Carter on Holidays

Nathan Carter on Holidays

Nathan Carter on Holidays

COUNTRY music superstar Nathan Carter reveals that he's still single and he doesn't do one-night stands.

In our new podcast, My Country Life, the 31-year-old heart-throb performer opens up about his life on the road.

"I'm sure people might have an opinion of singers that they have a girl in every port, in every town," Nathan says. "But I've not been that sort of guy and I'd like to think I never will be and that I have a bit more respect for people than that."

The Wagon Wheel singer also tells how he has strict rules of behaviour for himself and his crew on the road.

"There's a rule of no women on the tour bus, and if you are not on the tour bus on time and you're staying out then you find your own way to the gig. We have rules on the road and, thankfully, everybody sticks to them."

Nathan's young at heart granny, Ann McCoy, who is in her early 80s, regularly tours with her grandson and sells his merchandise at the shows.


The Nathan Carter Show on RTÉ

The Nathan Carter Show on RTÉ

The Nathan Carter Show on RTÉ

"That's the other thing, we would all get our asses kicked on the tour bus by me nan," he laughs.

Looking to the future, Nathan has dreams of a happy family life. "I'd love to be able to settle down up ahead. I'd love to have kids for sure," he says. "I'd love to see little kids running about the place.


Nathan Carter with some fans

Nathan Carter with some fans

Nathan Carter with some fans

"But I've missed the gigging and the music [during the lockdowns] and I don't think I'm ready for it just yet. I want to get back to where I was with gigging and music. I've missed that tremendously.

"I'll worry about the personal life up ahead when there's some sort of normality. I might sound sexist saying this, but it's probably different for women than men. Women who are my age are probably thinking kids and marriage needs to happen within the next few years, whereas with me I still think I'm 21 in my own head.

"I never realised I would miss the road and gigging and music and just the buzz you get from performing. I've never done drugs in my life…the stage is my only drug."

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Nathan tells how his grandmother, whose father and mother came from Co Cork and Co Down respectively, set him on the road to success. As a teenager she got him gigs and drove the budding star to venues…and she's still the main woman in his life.

"Nan has been a very good rock and a good person throughout it all, and someone I could always have a conversation with and tell my problems to," he says. "She always seems to have the right advice at the time.

"She lives for the shows and meeting the fans. They know her as much as they know me. She is like a little celebrity in her own right. She loves it.

"She's the female equivalent of Del Boy. She loves wheelin' and dealin' doing deals with people on merchandise. She's missed it more than I've missed it when we were in lockdown.

"I ring her up to see how her day is and how me grandad is getting on and she ends up talking about merchandise for 15 minutes!"

After hitting the big time, Nathan sprung a surprise on his beloved nan by splashing out on her dream car.

"She always wanted a Mercedes and in 2016 I'd had a good year. I said, I'm going to treat her to a car, so I got her a C220 coupe CLK Mercedes. It was like giving her a million pounds. I honestly think the car was better than money. She's still got it. It's probably on its last legs now, but she still won't part with it because it was a present from me."

Although he lives alone in his Co Fermanagh home, Nathan says he has a group of friends that he hangs out with, and his brother Jake and partner Karen Byrne are regular visitors.

"During lockdown I built a big man cave in the garden to keep me busy. It's like a little cottage that originally was going to be a recording studio, and I can still record from it, but it ended up being a man cave.

"It was a huge project that took me three or four months to build with Dad, which was a good male bonding time with him, as my mum said. We both built it with our own hands and that was a good experience as well.

"There's a bar in it, a stove, a stage and a big PA system. It gets used maybe once a week when a few beers are cracked open and there's a bit of craic."

l Now listen to Nathan Carter tell his life story on our My Country Life podcast.

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