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'Bunny rabbit' Yungblud says music has given him an outlet to cope with ADHD





POP-PUNK performer Dominic Harrison, aka Yungblud, admits he is a "nightmare boyfriend."

The British star from Doncaster, who has dated pop singer Halsey and an unnamed girl from Rathcormac, Co Cork, suffers from ADHD and reveals that he rarely sleeps.

"I love performing, man, because I'm riddled with ADHD," Yungblud tells Shuffle as he releases his album, Weird! "I've got too much f**kin' energy. I'm like a little bunny rabbit.

"I f**kin' hate ADHD, but I also love it. It has given me everything that I've got. I always want to see the positive in it, which is a nightmare because I'm obviously such a f**kin' lunatic, but it has made me who I am.

"Music has given me an outlet. I'm always creating. I never sleep. I never want to sleep because I'm just in love with what I'm doing.

"So yeah, I'm a nightmare boyfriend, waking up at four in the morning and playing the drum kit. I am sorry to everyone I have ever dated."

Then the 23-year-old reveals in an excellent Cork accent: "My ex-girlfriend was from Cork, from Rathcormac, so I dabbled in the Murphy stout. All the Irish boys when I was over there were going, 'let's drink him under the table', but I've been drinking lager since I was 11, so I kept f**kin' them up, mate."

Yungblud has a great sense of humour, but he has his demons to manage. He describes himself as a pansexual, and he wore make-up and colourful clothes growing up in Doncaster. It made him a target for bullies.

If it wasn't for his passion for music and his creativity as a songwriter, Yungblud fears he mightn't be around today.

"I think it's [music] the reason I'm still here to be honest," he tells me. "If I'm really honest with you, and this kind of gets dark, a lot of my life I felt like it wasn't alright to be who I was because of where I came from.

"I felt very much like an alien, I felt very much like a freak, I felt very different and I got into music to go, 'Is there anybody out there who feels the same way as me because I don't think I can face this on my own for much longer?' F**k me, man, there were a lot of people out there like me.

"What I love about the internet and what I love about online is that it helps you to vocalise and it gives you an answer to what you're feeling. I had felt this knot in my stomach my whole life. I had my first suicidal thought about 12 or 13."

His success as Yungblud has been meteoric. "It came so quickly, it took off like a rocket because we're telling the truth and we're touching a nerve within my generation," he says.

"I was so struggling with my identity all the time, so I just want to spend the rest of my life radiating the idea that you should be who you are and be proud. I'm what I call a positive punk, man, it's kinda funny. Punk ain't about telling people to f**k off or about smashing your instruments on stage.

"Punk is a sense of freedom and a sense of reluctance to be anything else than what you are."

Yungblud adds that he has a spectacular show planned for the 3Arena next year. "Dude it's going to be mad," he says. "I want to put on a rock 'n' roll show. I don't want it to be full of screens because that's just a f**kin' cinema. I want it to be a proper b*****ks to the wall rock 'n' roll show."

H YUNGBLUD'S album, Weird!, is out now. He plays Dublin's 3Arena on November 20, 2021.


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