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PERFORMER APPEAL The music industry urgently needs help


Duet: Andy Cooney and Larry Gatlin

Duet: Andy Cooney and Larry Gatlin

Duet: Andy Cooney and Larry Gatlin

IT’S every country artist’s dream to sing on stage at the Grand Ole Opry and I got the opportunity to do it with Larry Gatlin of the Grammy award-winning Gatlin Brothers while making my Nashville TV documentary.

Larry is an amazing songwriter and his songs have been covered by a Who’s Who of singers in the history of music, from Elvis Presley to Johnny Cash and Tom Jones to Johnny Mathis.

I mention Larry today because he has now teamed up with the hugely popular Irish American singer and songwriter Andy Cooney for a duet called Come Tennessee Me Tonight.

Andy and I have co-written a song in the past. He has an amazing voice and the fans absolutely love what he does. He has sold out New York’s Carnegie Hall an astonishing nine times!

It was while returning from the Grand Ole Opry that Andy and Larry wrote their new fun track, Come Tennessee Me Tonight.


AS you know, I'm a member of the Music & Entertainment Association of Ireland and we are currently appealing to the Government to urgently support the 5,000 people in our industry who've had no work since last March.

Among the submissions, we're asking for the reinstatement of the PUP at €350 per week, at a single tier, and EWSS at €410 per week until our industry reopens without social distancing.

There are so many hardship cases, with many dealing with mental health issues as a result of money worries, and others forced to sell their equipment to pay bills.

We really hope that the politicians will get behind us, otherwise the future of entertainment will be very bleak.