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HEALTH SCARE Ricky Skaggs gives a hearty thanks


Heart Bypass: Ricky Skaggs

Heart Bypass: Ricky Skaggs

Heart Bypass: Ricky Skaggs

RICKY Skaggs has spoken for the first time about his quadruple bypass heart surgery in Nashville last June, revealing that he nearly postponed the life-saving procedure.

Skaggs says he knew something was wrong for more than six months before the routine medical check-up that led to his surgery. He'd felt a tightness in his chest and shortness of breath for several months.

When his doctors advised that he undergo an angiogram after a six-month health check-up produced concerning results, he nearly decided to put it off for a week. Ricky and his wife, Sharon, were due to visit their son, Luke, whose wife Rosemary was due to give birth at the time.

Skaggs (66) says he felt God intervened and made him change his mind about putting off the op for a week. He had the surgery four days later in Nashville.

He says that his forced time at home in 2020 due to the pandemic also worked in his favour.

"I have thanked the Lord hundreds of times that I wasn't out in the middle of Texas on a tour bus, miles away from a hospital," Skaggs states. "It was a major blessing I didn't have a heart attack. Now I feel 150 per cent better."

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