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Salvation song Daniel O'Donnell: My pay-per-view concert is for my band and crew


Showtime: Pay-per view concert is for my band and crew

Showtime: Pay-per view concert is for my band and crew

Showtime: Pay-per view concert is for my band and crew

ON November 1 next, I will do my first ever pay-per-view live stream show online, performing a concert from the Millennium Forum in Derry with no audience in the theatre.

After nearly 40 years as a country singer - that milestone will come around in January - I've seen so many changes in the music world. But nothing compares to what is happening today, or should I say not happening.

Since last March, the doors have remained closed in entertainment venues because of Covid-19. Only God knows when they'll reopen again.

It's been a terrible blow for all entertainers. Literally overnight, singers, bands and backstage crew lost their livelihoods.

We were the first to be shut down and, because music and the arts mainly involves people gathering together, we'll be the last to return when the time comes.


My band and crew haven't worked since last February, so my pay-per-view concert is for them.

I will be playing all the old favourites on the night because, honestly, I never get tired of doing them. I don't ever tire of Stand Beside Me or I Just Want To Dance With You, Our House Is A Home, My Donegal Shore, Home To Donegal or Take Good Care Of Her.

I don't tire of them because those songs have been with me all the way through my career. They have taken me to where I am today, and the audiences still want to hear them.

Looking back, I could never have imagined when I started out that nearly 40 years on I would still be performing at this level and about to release a new album this month.

The reason I started singing is because I loved it. Honest to God, it was for the love of it. It was never about making a fortune or anything like that.

I just felt that my life would be very fulfilled if I could make a living from performing because I loved singing so much.


Daniel O'Donnell

Daniel O'Donnell

Daniel O'Donnell

I always believed in myself, but I was astonished by the huge crowds that came along to see me at the start. A lot of singing was done in hotels in those early days, and I remember for the first few years arriving somewhere and there would be a wild lot of cars in the car park.

I remember saying to Ronnie Kennedy, who was then in the band, that "there must be a wedding here", but then I would learn that it was people coming early for my shows to make sure they got in.

And it just got better and better. Thanks to the people who followed us, I have been able to employ a lot of people through the decades. A lot of families were reared through our music and entertainment.

It's been an amazing life in music, and please God there's a lot more to come.

Hopefully people will tune in around the world on November 1 for our two-hour show priced at €20.

You can book it online via danielodonnell.org, and please pass the word on to family and friends abroad.