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moving on Daisy Ridley: 'I still haven't got over my final day on the Star Wars set. It's all such a blur of emotion'

Daisy Ridley talks about moving on from Star Wars, going blonde, teaming up with Spider-Man in new movie Chaos Walking - and why Bake Off star Paul Hollywood is scarier than Darth Sidious


Daisy Ridley on the red carpet

Daisy Ridley on the red carpet

Daisy dons an apron for Celebrity Bake Off Stand Up To Cancer

Daisy dons an apron for Celebrity Bake Off Stand Up To Cancer

Daisy Ridley in Star Wars

Daisy Ridley in Star Wars


Daisy Ridley on the red carpet

Rising to worldwide fame through her portrayal of Rey in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, Daisy Ridley's career has seen a meteoric rise.

Starting off with minor roles in shows such as Casualty and Mr Selfridge, the Londoner (29) is now starring alongside Tom Holland of Spider-Man fame in action-adventure Chaos Walking.

Here she tells us about the new film, changing her look during shooting and what she thinks of Paul Hollywood following her recent appearance on Celebrity Bake Off.

Mag+: What is it like to go from the Star Wars universe to going on the run with Spider-Man in Chaos Walking?

DR: Great. I never imagined I would be in Star Wars or running around a forest with Spider-Man, but it was fun. I loved working with Tom and seeing him do something so different to Spider-Man. I just felt so lucky to be working with him and the rest of the cast - David Oyelowo, Nick Jonas and Mads Mikkelsen, who I absolutely love even more now he's Grindelwald in Harry Potter.

Mag+: What can you tell us about the character you play?

DR: I play a girl called Viola Eade who crash lands onto a new planet populated by only males who have been told that females do not exist. Todd Hewitt, played by Tom Holland, meets Viola and so everything he knows is upended as they set out on this adventure together to contact Viola's ship and warn her people that all is not as it seems on this world.

Mag+: Chaos Walking is set on a strange planet where thoughts are visible. Whose thoughts would you like to see if you could?

DR: Nobody's because that would be my idea of hell! It would be awful. I rather like the fact that we can't see or hear what people are thinking. I much prefer having closed minds and private thoughts and then, maybe through getting to know someone, choosing when you want to reveal something at a certain point or not. I think that kind of reveal is so special, beautiful and a wonderful aspect of human nature.

Mag+: Tom's character has a mantra that helps quieten the noise of his thoughts. Do you have a mantra that helps calm you when things get too much?

DR: I just say to myself, 'It's aright. It's alright'. It's important to go easy on yourself and to know it's going to be alright, particularly right now.

Mag+: Did you dye your hair blonde for this movie and how did you like having such a different look?

DR: I didn't dye it, I wore a blonde wig. It was fun and it's amazing how different it makes you look. I remember one day when I was working with Tom and a boy came in who loved Star Wars and Spider-Man. He met Tom and was like, 'Oh my, it's Spider-Man!' Then he met me and it was like he was a little bit confused because I looked so different.

Mag+: You mentioned recently how you would be up for playing Spider-Woman. Have you spoken to Tom about maybe teaming up with his Spider-Man?

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DR: No, that really wasn't a serious thing. Someone asked me if I would be interested and I just said I would because it sounded fun. There's nothing in it.

Mag+: How has having to take a break and living through the pandemic changed you?

DR: I just think it has made us all reassess what is important and what it is that gives us validation when you can't get that from work. It sounds superficial but it has made me think about being okay out of work and appreciating how much we get from the jobs that we do.

Mag+: Where do you call home now, London or LA?

DR: London. I love both places but London is always home.

Mag+: How do you look back on Star Wars and the fame it brought you?

DR: I loved the experience and the opportunity to work with such wonderfully talented people. It was just the best but, yeah, it's strange to be someone quite private to having people suddenly looking at you.

Mag+: Have you got over that emotional last day on set yet?

DR: Not really, no. It's all such a blur of emotion. I can't exactly remember what happened apart from JJ Abrams making a speech and then just floods of tears and lots of hugs.

Mag+: Have you got any souvenirs from your Star Wars adventures at home?

DR: I have a lightsaber somewhere... a real one!

Mag+: Do you ever watch the movies at home?

DR: No, that would be weird! I did catch some of The Force Awakens when it came on TV. I couldn't get over how it seems like it was no time at all since we did that.

Mag+: We also saw you take part in Celebrity Bake Off Stand Up To Cancer recently. Who is more scary - a Star Wars baddie or Paul Hollywood?

DR: Oh that's easy, Paul Hollywood!

Mag+: What made you want to be a part of the show?

DR: It's a great cause. I love Bake Off!

Mag+: Have you ruled out ever returning to the role of Rey in another Star Wars movie or TV show?

DR: Never say never. I think we reached an end to Rey's story with Rise of Skywalker but then in 20 years I don't want to be like, 'Whoops!' You never know.

⬤ Chaos Walking is out now on digital platforms

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