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Locked down Anne Hathaway says she's 'lost my sanity several times in lockdown'

The pandemic has been tough on us all, even the cream of Hollywood. Here Anne Hathaway discusses her new pandemic-set heist movie Locked Down and how she tries to stay focused during Covid times


POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Anne says she is ‘incredibly grateful’ for this movie

POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Anne says she is ‘incredibly grateful’ for this movie

POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Anne says she is ‘incredibly grateful’ for this movie

Things are far from perfect at home, admits Anne Hathaway, but they're not nearly as bad as they are for the equally locked-down and stressed woman she plays on screen.

The fact that even the seemingly idyllic life of an international superstar has been turned upside down by the global pandemic just goes to show how hard life has been for each and every one of us over the past 12 months.

Unlike the rest of us, though, Anne has somehow managed to do something to show that none of us are alone in becoming a little stir crazy.

Locked Down is both the title of the actress's new movie and her current status as she concentrates on family time with her husband, Adam Shulman, and their two children, one-year-old Jack and Jonathan (four).


Anne with her husband Adam Shulman

Anne with her husband Adam Shulman

Anne with her husband Adam Shulman

It was pitched in July 2020 and shot over 19 days in September with Anne co-starring with Chiwetel Ejiofor as a couple who are on the verge of breaking up being forced into lockdown together.

The fun and fantasy we all need right now comes in the form of a heist to steal a diamond that the couple plan to sell in aid of the NHS.

Here, Anne talks about her own troubles at home, how she's doing her best and how she hopes Locked Down will be an alternative to her trick of screaming into a pillow when it all gets a little too much.

MAG+: How did Locked Down and making a movie during a pandemic come to you?

AH: Like everyone else, I was at home thinking I wasn't going to be working at all and then this script came in around September and I just thought it was incredible. It seemed like an impossible thing to pull off so it was a case of, "We should try!" Once Chiwetel came onboard the whole thing went to another level and we were off. Most of all I felt incredibly grateful to make this movie at a time when so many actors aren't working.

MAG+: We've seen you in heist movies before. How would you say this one is different?

AH: First of all, I probably do need to take a break from stealing things in movies but I actually didn't know this was a heist movie when I signed up. I wanted to do the movie after reading the first 90 pages of the script which is all about my character, Linda, and how she is hiding her incredible shame over the person she has become and why she is treating the love of her life the way she is. She doesn't respect herself but she is blaming it all on this man because she doesn't want him to see who she's become. I didn't know the stealing a diamond part was coming!


A-LISTER: Anne stars as Linda

A-LISTER: Anne stars as Linda

A-LISTER: Anne stars as Linda

MAG+: What was it like having Harrods to yourself and what would you have liked to have stolen from the store for real?

AH: It was amazing and there were so many beautiful and impressive things. Some of the gadgets caught my eye and, of course, the food. The chocolate and, most of all, the bread. Their bread is amazing but I didn't steal any. They actually gave me some and it even had my initials carved into it.

MAG+: How was it working with Chiwetel Ejiofor?

AH: I loved working with Chiwetel. He's so talented and so insightful. I remember on one of our first read-throughs he said how this movie "isn't really about a heist, it's about two people trying to find joy and fighting to get back to each other and for love". That really stuck with me because he's right.

That's exactly what this movie is all about which is wonderful because we could all use some joy and love right now.

MAG+: How much did living through a pandemic help in shooting a movie set during a pandemic?

AH: It helped massively. I felt I could take the feelings and emotions that we have all experienced at this time and channel them into something that was positive. My ultimate hope is that people will recognise something of themselves in these characters, feel a connection and perhaps feel a little less of the lows that come with this time.

MAG+: What tips do you have for surviving the lockdown?

AH: Just be nice to yourself, be nice to each other, be respectful and, if you're in a relationship in lockdown, learn to find each other very funny. Then, if it all gets too much, scream into a pillow! I've lost my sanity several times, it comes with the time we are in right now.

MAG+: If you could go anywhere for lockdown, where would you go?

AH: My house because I'm just focusing on things we can actually do which is why I am here all the time. I dream of going to places where there are people like theatres, restaurants, an airplane because that would mean we are through this thing. We will get there, I know we will. This is not forever. We all just have to find the balance, get on with it and do what the characters do in this movie and that's find their inner steel.

MAG+: How are you coping with having to rely on technology to talk to people and to stay in touch?

AH: I'm very grateful for it. Right now I can't see my parents in person so things like Zoom are a good substitute to seeing them physically. I'm just trying to stay grateful.

MAG+: What have you learned from being locked down?

AH: I've learned some ukulele! I have also learned that focusing the drive I have for my work into my family doesn't mean my professional life suffers. I haven't been home this much since I was 16 because I've always been working. Having to take time out and focus on other goals has actually made me happier.

MAG+: Finally, have you been binge watching TV like the rest of us during lockdown and, if so, what have you been watching?

AH: Well, the kids take up a lot of my time but we managed to finish Schitt's Creek, which is amazing and The Last Dance gave me so much joy. I was a kid during that era so it was amazing to appreciate that level of greatness in a way I was not able to back then. Also, right now we're getting caught up with The Crown.

⬤ Locked Down is available to watch on Google Store, Apple TV and Sky Store.

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