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Lottie Ryan reveals she and her sister Bonnie were spiked on Dublin night out

The RTÉ 2fm presenter opened up about the frightening experience amid growing reports of drink and needle spiking in nightclubs across Ireland and the UK.
Bonnie and Lottie Ryan / Instagram

Bonnie and Lottie Ryan / Instagram

Neasa Cumiskey

Lottie Ryan has revealed that she and her sister Bonnie were spiked on a night out in Dublin twelve years ago.

The RTÉ 2fm presenter opened up about the frightening experience on Jennifer Zamparelli’s radio show this morning amid growing reports of drink and needle spiking in nightclubs across Ireland and the UK.

Lottie said that she “immediately knew something was wrong” in the nightclub when she suddenly began to feel very drunk after setting her drink down at the dance floor.

“It happened to me and my sister on the same night,” Lottie explained.

“This was many moons ago and I won’t name the venue that it happened in. It’s not the venue’s fault.

“We were on a night out and I’ll pre-empt this, not that I should have to, by saying that I’m not a big drinker.

“I’m a cheap date. I know how much alcohol I can handle and it’s not very much so, consequently I’m not a big drinker.

“I go on a night out and you’d find me on the dance floor, sweating to bits and I'm still there by the end of the night, that’s what I do on a night out.

“So, I went out with my sister and a couple of friends and we were dancing, and I wasn’t as cautious as I should have been with my drink. I did put my drink down while I was dancing.

“In hindsight, I’m so annoyed with myself for doing it because I know better and I should have known better at the time, but the drink wasn’t far away from me.

“It was on the floor beside me and in the moment, I must have thought that it was fine and it wasn’t a big deal but clearly it wasn’t fine.”

The new mum recalled feeling like she couldn’t speak properly and wanted to leave the venue as quickly as she could.

“So, I went from being a little bit buzzy, soberish, I’d had one or two, to being the drunkest I’ve ever been in my entire life within the space of ten minutes. I knew something was wrong instantly because I couldn’t speak.

“I was having clear thoughts, but I couldn’t verbalise and I remember looking at my sister and she did not look good and I thought to myself, ‘She looks the way I feel. Something is after happening here. Something is not right.’

“I immediately knew something was wrong because I’d never felt like that. Just the fact that I couldn’t speak and I felt something was coming over me. I knew something wasn’t right and I knew we needed to go home and get out of there ASAP.

“I was scared as to how quickly it was happening, so I grabbed her and left immediately, didn’t say goodbye to anyone. Left our coats in the cloakroom because something was very, very wrong.”

The sisters managed to flag down a taxi and get to Lottie’s now-husband Fabio’s house but were still “very sick” hours later.

The Dubliner continued: “There was a queue of taxis outside the place. From the door of the venue to the taxi, I could feel my legs going. I can’t describe how quickly this happened, it was so quick.

“I was holding onto the wall and there were people laughing at us because they obviously just thought we were completely locked.

“Bonnie was very sick. I was with her the whole time she was sick. The two of us woke up the next morning and both of us were like, ‘What in god’s name happened to us?’

“We didn’t tell my mum because I think I felt responsible at the time that I had gone out with Bonnie,” she added.

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