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deliverpoo Vogue Williams reveals angry taxi driver took sh*t on her doorstep after row

Vogue's concierge found the unpleasant present


Williams says she will keep working until the baby arrives (Lia Toby/PA)

Williams says she will keep working until the baby arrives (Lia Toby/PA)

Williams says she will keep working until the baby arrives (Lia Toby/PA)

Vogue Williams has revealed that an angry taxi driver took a sh*t on her front doorstep.

The 36-year-old revealed the incident occurred after she had a row with the driver about her pick-up time.

The horror was only discovered when her concierge checked the CCTV footage after he spotted the unpleasant present.

"Amber rang me and Amber was like, 'Did you know what that driver did this morning?',” Vogue said, explaining that her sister rang her to tell her.

"And I was like, 'What? He was really pissed off at me. He really had a go at me, he was so f**ked off.'”

"We have a concierge that sits and he walked in the door and there was a full human sh*t with tissue on my doorstep,” she explained.

“So he couldn't get through the pedestrian gate without getting sh*t on your feet so my poor concierge said, 'I have to clean up this sh*t but I also want to know who did the sh*t because there's CCTV'."

The Dublin native then explained that the CCTV footage showed her taxi driver taking a poo on her doorstep.

"So anyway he looks at the CCTV, the driver is seen pacing up and down furiously.”

"And... if you had a bad curry and were dying to sh*t there are so many other places to sh*t in like metres of where he did it,” she said.

"And he's pacing up and down furiously looking up and down the road comes back does a half-standing, half squatting sh*t, wipes his a*se, gets into the car, no joke,” she said.

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“I got into the car less than a minute later.

"My concierge was like, 'Did you shake his hand?' And I was like, 'He was raging at me.'

"He did an anger sh*t on my doorstep and then I get into the car and explain the situation and he's probably sitting there thinking, 'I've just sh*t on her doorstep and she didn't even do anything to me'."

The expectant mother recently returned from a lavish holiday in the Maldives with her husband Spencer and their two children Theodore (3) and Gigi (1).

Chatting about their holiday, Vogue revealed she had a tortuous 18 hour flight home as her youngest child ‘whinged’ the whole way home.

“Gigi wouldn't leave me alone,” she explained.

“She wouldn't go to sleep, she was just whinging. And I was so tired that my head was falling back and it was honestly like torture.

“Then eventually she fell asleep and so did I. But I woke up with a dead arm because she was lying on my arm. It was hellish.”

“She whinged the entire time from the airport to home,” she said.

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