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Unpopularity of Fair City's Will Casey to be laid bare as few people turn up to funeral

One surprise mourner turns up to pay their respects
Will’s killer, Lee, who was talked out of going by Ger Lynch

Will’s killer, Lee, who was talked out of going by Ger Lynch

Eugene Masterson

Evil Will Casey’s unpopularity will be clear to see at his funeral with so few people turning up for his burial.

But one of the mourners at the funeral will surprisingly be Will’s former partner, Cristiano.

The Chilean coffee shop owner had earlier told friends he would not be attending the funeral service, after being traumatised at being the victim of domestic violence at the hands of Will.

Cristiano also had to go through the turmoil of Will getting off in court on charges of beating him up.

One person who won’t be at the funeral though is Will’s killer Lee, who was talked out of going by Ger Lynch.

Sunday’s show sees Lee’s mum Sharon worried about Lee’s erratic behaviour, while Darragh stops Lee from confessing the truth to Sharon. Sharon confides in Ger about Lee’s mood. Ger and Sharon bond over their teenage exploits.

While Ger talks Lee out of going to Will’s funeral. Hayley and Ger share a warm moment. Dean reassures Ger that her alibi is sound. Worried he will confess to murder, Ger tells Lee that Will was still alive when she called to Bosco’s the night of his death. Ger tells Lee she left Will for dead. Ger tells Sharon that Will’s death was her fault.

Ger also reassures Hayley that she was not the moneylender Will had dealings with.

Cristiano feels he is letting Phoebe down by not attending the funeral. Damien encourages Cristiano to go to Will’s funeral. Dolores and Bosco are sombre as they reflect on Will. Cristiano arrives at Will’s funeral. Phoebe makes a speech at the funeral. A stranger arrives at Will’s graveside.

On Tuesday’s episode Sharon fumes in the aftermath of Ger’s admission. Sharon threatens to tell Hayley that Ger is behind Will’s death. Darragh has doubts about Ger’s admission of guilt. Ger confides in Dean about her life. Sharon tells Ger either she leave Carrigstown for good or face a life in prison. A devastated Ger begs Sharon not to go to the Gardaí. Sharon insists that Ger leave Carrigstown immediately.

Ger tells Hayley she’s flying out to Spain to purchase a beach bar. Sharon hides her heartbreak. Ger reveals to Darragh that she took the fall for Lee’s murderous action. Dean and Ger have a bittersweet parting. Ger leaves Carrigstown.

Cristiano learns that the stranger at the graveside (Patrick) had links with Will. Cristiano forgives Will and makes peace with the past. With Damien to lean on, Mairead recounts her first-time meeting Will. Cristiano and Damien reflect on a long day.

Wednesday’s show will see Sharon devastated in the wake of Ger’s departure. Lee gets an offer to relocate to London. Lee bombards Mairead with questions about Phoebe. Dean reveals he knows the truth about Will’s death to Darragh and Lee. Lee learns it was he, not Ger, who killed Will.

On Thursday, Anto senses Sharon’s unease when he brings up Ger. Lee decides to contribute to Phoebe’s financial future. Darragh turns to Dean for help in dealing with Lee. Dean tries to reassure Lee that Will’s death was a blessing in disguise. The Collins family are thrown when Darragh announces he and Lee are moving to London.

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