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TikTok star Shanice Griffin says Irish people ‘don’t want to see anyone be successful’

The 23-year-old has garnered a whopping 456,000 followers on the platform since she began making videos three years ago

Shanice Griffin

Neasa CumiskeySunday World

A Dublin TikTok star has said Irish people are “ruthless” online because they “don’t want to see anyone be successful”.

Shanice Griffin, who also boats more than 29,000 Instagram followers, is best known for posting videos of her keeping up with the latest dance trends, vlogging her day-to-day life, and making silly reaction videos.

The 23-year-old has garnered a whopping 456,000 followers on the platform since she began making videos three years ago.

Speaking to Goss.ie, she opened up about getting negative comments from trolls online, adding that she tries to shake off the hate.

“I feel like Irish people can just be ruthless. They are ruthless online,” she said.

“I think it comes from that thing of they don’t want to see anyone be successful, and I don’t know why. When we go anywhere in the world, everyone always says the Irish are lovely people, but it’s just that small town mentality that I think people have.

“Sometimes people are stuck in that mindset of ‘If they’re not doing the typical nine to five thing, and I’m miserable in my way, I’m just going to project that onto them.’

“Each to their own. There are people that are happy in their nine to five and there are people that are happy doing content creation, so I just don’t know why – there’s just a lot of hateful people out there.

“As many people have been like ‘I’m taking a break from social media,’ it is actually necessary, because like I said it can get very overwhelming.”

Shanice admitted that she blocks certain words that “trigger” her from being left in the comments section to stop it from getting to her.

“Do you know what’s great on TikTok, there’s a comments filter, so if I have particular words that trigger me, I’ll put them in that and if someone types it, I won’t see it.

“I have my family’s name, my address – because believe it or not, people love to leak people’s addresses all over the place. I just let them, because obviously people need to vent in a way, and if they want to vent on my posts, leave them to it.”

She continued: “I can’t change anyone’s perception of me at the end of the day. The only people’s opinion of me I care about is my family and my friends. People outside of that are entitled to their opinion, I just don’t have to take that on board.

“It has gotten to me before, I won’t lie. I’ve learned to cope with it. Especially because a lot of my friends are content creators, so I go to them for advice, because sometimes my mam or my dad mightn’t necessarily understand it.

“Whereas my content creator friends do and they give me advice. I’ve learned in this industry that you just need to grow a thick skin. It’s inevitable that people are going to throw hate at you regardless of what you do.

“No matter what you do in life, you’re going to be judged. So, you might as well be judged for doing something you love.”

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