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Thalia Heffernan reveals how taxi driver left her on side of road after spiking

The model is just one of many Irish women, including Lottie Ryan, to come forward with spiking stories in recent times
Model Thalia Heffernan

Model Thalia Heffernan

Clodagh Meaney

Dublin model Thalia Heffernan has opened up about a horrific incident where she was spiked.

The 26-year-old appeared on Claire Byrne Live On Monday night where she discussed what happened to her at a friend's party eight years ago.

“I was given a drink by somebody I didn't know and foolishly, in hindsight now, I took the drink.

"I was immediately sick, right there in the bar, and I knew something was wrong. I had taken enough of the drink for it to take effect quite suddenly,” Thalia revealed.

Model Thalia Heffernan has spoken about her ordeal after she was spiked as a teenager

Model Thalia Heffernan has spoken about her ordeal after she was spiked as a teenager

“Within about 15 minutes I lost the feeling of my legs and my arms, and my speech and I managed to say to one of the girls with me that I needed to go home, or that I needed to get out of this place.”

When asked if she knew at the time she had been spiked, Thalia said she did.

“I did to a certain extent but I think I was so ashamed of myself for being sick that I tried to pretend that I was okay.”

“When I started to realise that the effects were more than just that, I did say to a friend, or the girl who was with me, that I needed help, that I needed to go and that's when I tried to stand up and I couldn't and I had to be escorted out of the place by a bouncer.”

Thalia was then put into the back of a taxi alone and sent home.

Thalia Heffernan

Thalia Heffernan

“I couldn't speak at that point but I put my family home address into Google Maps cos I could still type and I had shown the taxi driver and next thing I knew I was on the side of the street and my phone was gone and my money was gone.”

She speculates that a taxi driver tried to take money from her because she couldn’t pay him.

“I couldn't get the money out of my bag at the time and he left me near enough to my house, with no phone and no awareness, [I was] getting sick at the side of the road.”

The Gardaí were phoned twice before they showed up to aid her.

“Thankfully a couple walked past and they called the police for me but they had left then, on their way and another taxi man pulled up and he called the police for me for a second time and that's when they finally came and helped me into my house because I couldn't get in on my own.”

When asked if she told anyone about the incident when it happened, Thalia recalled the fact she didn’t let anyone know with a crack to her voice.

Thalia Heffernan with Leonard and Charlie

Thalia Heffernan with Leonard and Charlie

“I woke up the next morning quite ashamed of myself, thinking it was my own fault but I knew it wasn't a basic case of getting too drunk or having too many drinks but I was young and quite naïve and I blamed myself.”

Thalia admitted she only told her mother what happened while she was on her way to the studio ahead of her TV interview.

“When I heard about the recent accounts and the recent spiking around here and in the UK, I felt obliged to tell my own story,” she added.

Thalia is just one of many Irish women who have recently shared stories of being spiked after a number of women across Ireland and the UK have come forward to say they have been spiked on nights out recently.

2FM presenter Lottie Ryan also shared her story telling Jennifer Zamparelli that herself and sister Bonnie were targeted on the same night.

Bonnie and Lottie Ryan / Instagram

Bonnie and Lottie Ryan / Instagram

“This was many moons ago and I won’t name the venue that it happened in. It’s not the venue’s fault. We were on a night out and I’ll pre-empt this, not that I should have to, by saying that I’m not a big drinker,” she said.

“I went out with my sister and a couple of friends and we were dancing, and I wasn’t as cautious as I should have been with my drink. I did put my drink down while I was dancing. I went from being a little bit buzzy, soberish, I’d had one or two, to being the drunkest I’ve ever been in my entire life within the space of ten minutes.”

“I knew something was wrong instantly because I couldn’t speak,” she explained.

“I was scared as to how quickly it was happening, so I grabbed her and left immediately. I didn't say goodbye to anyone. Left our coats in the cloakroom because something was very, very wrong.”

The pair flagged down a taxi and went home but were still sick hours later.

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