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Fair play RTE viewers have mixed reaction to dramatic verdict in Fair City domestic violence trial

The controversial outcome resulted in a lot of reaction this morning with some fans expressing outrage while others applauded the Fair City team


Cristiano is left devastated when Will triumphs in court

Cristiano is left devastated when Will triumphs in court

Cristiano is left devastated when Will triumphs in court

There has been a massive social media reaction to the stunning verdict in the dramatic Fair City trial last night that saw Will Casey cleared of charges of domestic violence against his former partner Cristiano San Martin. 

Viewers tuned into to see how Will and Cristiano's courtroom drama would end, following a lengthy story line which covered the very difficult topic of domestic violence.

And as the domestic abuse court case came to a close, it was Will Casey who emerged triumphant.

While Will was found guilty of criminal damage to Cris’s phone he was found not guilty of assault causing harm and false imprisonment.

The controversial outcome resulted in a lot of reaction this morning with some fans expressing outrage while others applauded the Fair City team for an engrossing storyline.

“It will be interesting to see what happens after an unjust verdict has been delivered. How will people act towards Will/Christiano in their community, workplace etc. It has been rarely done on a TV show so well,” one person tweeted afterwards.

Another added: “Let’s hope the Court of Public Opinion finds Will Casey guilty. He needs to know he’s no longer welcome in Carrigstown. They MUST make his life HELL. He has to go and take his hostile daughter with him.”

One other person said: “For some reason, I just have a good feeling that there’s a twist in this Fair City storyline and that Will slips up for everyone to see. This isn’t the end and Cris will get what he deserves. If I were one of the ‘I’m never watching it again’ people, I would just in case.”

However, critics also expressed their disquiet at the result with one person writing: "Fair City ..not a great message to send out with domestic violence.”

Another added: “How does that encourage anyone to come forward about domestic violence/abuse when they person that was abusing the person get away with it. I'm so disappointed."

The final courtroom showdown saw Will take the stand where he claimed that Cristiano told him that to hit him was normal.

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“He shouted at me and hit me. A punch. A thump. Threats. It got worse over time. He said it was normal. He said it was the way men let off steam”.

As nurse Will was questioned by Cristiano’s barrister Tom Sarsfield (Philip O’Sullivan) he became more patronising

TOM : “You said you thought Cris was going to kill you, so you ran for your life?”

WILL: “Yes.”

TOM: “So, your 'severe' injuries didn't prevent you running from the apartment, down the stairs, out onto the street and running across the main road where bang, you were hit by a car? “

WILL: (riled to Tom) “It's called adrenaline. The stress hormone released during the fight or flight response. I presume you've heard of it?”

Will’s barrister Clodagh gave him a warning look, while his solicitor Sheila was not impressed with Will’s patronising tone.

With his legal team (played by Deirdre Monaghan and Caitriona Ní Murch) claiming Will (John Cronin) sunk his own ship the court adjourned for the jury to make their deliberations. “I think they like me, I’m the front-line worker. Cris is a foreigner, he’s the one who let his husband die,” sneered Will.

As the court resumed, the court registrar delivered the jury’s verdict.

With Will triumphant and as Cristiano (Rodrigo Ternevoy) crumbled, Judge Cowhey (Kevin McHugh) stated, “As has already been stated in this courtroom, domestic abuse cases are difficult to prove. I do hope this will not discourage victims coming forward and reporting this crime. It takes courage to do so.”

However, as reaction continued to flow in, opinions were divided with one person writing: “I'm actually fuming, #faircity and @rte had a chance to do something inspiring and offer confidence to victims of domestic abuse to come forward but instead they followed the tradition of terrifying people into not speaking out to a society which won't listen."

But there were some who commended the show for how they handled the story.

One said: "Bualadh bos to cast and crew. A harsh reminder that justice doesn't always prevail in real life. John Cronin and @RodrigoTernevoy have been simply outstanding as Will and Cris #FairCity."

Fair City star Rory Cowan added: "Look at that. Trending at Number 1 #FairCity John Cronin, @RodrigoTernevoy Amy Kirwan and Martina Stanley were all magnificent."

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