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trade secrets Roz Purcell reveals that unwelcoming girls in ‘the industry’ cut her out

"I was actually just overly nice and they were so unwelcoming"


Roz Purcell.

Roz Purcell.

Roz Purcell.

Roz Purcell has revealed that “girls in the same industry” as her have cut her out.

The former Miss Universe took to social media to share her story after her followers got in touch to share theirs.

The food and hiking blogger regularly posts anonymous secrets submitted to her to her Instagram story.

"So from my secrets last night, loads of people sent in about friends or not having friends, especially in school sh*ty things happening with groups,” she began.

"I met a couple of girls who are in the same industry as me and I couldn't have been nicer.”

"Never done (sic) anything to them. I was actually just overly nice and they were so unwelcoming to me and actually ended up cutting me out of something,” she explained.

"It is just a reminder that sometimes when you trigger people's insecurities or they feel threatened by you or feel like they could be competitive against you they'll probably just end up excluding you.”

"And it takes a long time to realise it's not your problem, that's theirs and it's just really s**t, and that mentality still happens when you're an adult.”

“F**king hell,” she added.

The 31-year-old previously opened up about her struggle with being online.

Speaking to Sunday World she said: “A couple of years ago I said, 'I can't do this anymore, I can't be online, I feel so shit scrolling through Instagram'," she admitted.

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"I felt like everyone was putting on this façade and not saying how they really were.”

“I was going to come off it and then one of my friends said, 'Well you would rather be on it and saying something good than off it and saying nothing?' I will never change my body or my looks, but I will use a filter that can make a photo more colourful and more beautiful and I could have taken dozens of photos to get the best shot.”

"We are all putting our best foot forward and I think having that in the back of your head when you are scrolling through Instagram can be quite comforting because it helps you to stop comparing.”

Roz also explained how Instagram can triggers her eating disorder.

"When it comes to disordered eating, I definitely feel more confident in my body. But do I still have triggering moments? Absolutely.”

"Being online I would get awful comments from people that don't follow me or from the male gaze, 'Oh, you've really let yourself go'. Then the next message from a guy would be, 'You're wearing so much make-up'. I mean, pick one.”

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