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Wheel of fame Niall Horan dons 'Borat style' cycling gear as he embraces new lockdown hobby


Niall Horan

Niall Horan

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Niall Horan

Niall Horan has swapped his mic for a bike and taken up cycling in London in a bid to beat Covid-19 boredom.

The One Direction star admitted that he feels privileged to be able enjoy the down time as his global tour has been put on hold due to the pandemic.

And the star, 27, confessed that he has embraced middle age buy buying the skintight Lycra cycling gear and the clip-on shoes.

“I went from a million miles an hour to zero,” he told 2FM Breakfast.

“I have never had this amount of time off so it has been kind of nice doing what you can from home.

“I have genuinely been enjoying the fact that there is this time off and I know how lucky it is to be in such a privileged position.

“Because it is not as easy for everyone else as it has been for me.

“It has given me the time re-evaluate my life and look back at what I maybe did wrong and what I want to do next.

“I have gotten mad into cycling, the whole gear and everything.

“I have the Borat bib and the cycling jersey over it.

“I have gone mad into it and I got the proper shoes yesterday that clip into the pedals.

“It is all very sexy and middle-aged.

“Today is my first experiment at trying to get on the bike with the shoes without falling.

“The guy in the bike shop told me that I would absolutely fall off, which was nice moral support.”

Niall was speaking as he announced he will play a charity show at the Royal Albert Hall to raise money for his technical crew and the We Need Crew relief fund.

“I’m going to do a virtual gig in the Albert Hall, right here in London town on November 7 and hopefully get big numbers and make big money,” he said.

“Then on the back of that, I’ll give every cent to my crew who I would have toured with this year.

“They have obviously not been looked after by the furlough scheme, the arts industry is on its knees both at home and here.

“And crew members in people's eyes are at the bottom of every list which is an absolute shame because we wouldn’t be able to do what we do if we didn’t have them.

“If you have €17.50, and I know everyone I struggling to make money this year, but if you do have it, come and watch me, we will have a good time and try to make as much money as we can.

“If you have a heart in your chest you are going to feel for these people.”

Tickets are on sale from 9.00am this Friday from Ticketmaster and NiallHoran.com.

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