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cosmetic fail Model Ava Van Rose reveals she's facing further surgery after bum lift went horribly wrong

Another op for Bridget as butt lift goes wrong


Bridget Byrne and boyfriend Graham Dunne.

Bridget Byrne and boyfriend Graham Dunne.

Bridget Byrne and boyfriend Graham Dunne.

Glamour model Bridget Byrne has revealed that she is facing further surgery after her bum lift operation went horribly wrong.

Bridget (31) has been classed as Ireland's most-surgically enhanced woman, with two boob jobs, two bum lifts, a tummy tuck abdominoplasty, liposuction, lip fillers and a designer vagina.

But a bum lift she had done in Prague five years ago has now gone pear-shaped.

Bridget is just the latest Irish woman to suffer complications following the cosmetic operation. This week, doctors highlighted potential complications following buttock augmentation - popularly known as a bum lift.

It follows the case of a woman who was admitted to St James's Hospital with sepsis 14 months after getting the injection.

"One of the implants in my bum is actually after moving and it's exposed," complains Bridget, who also uses the stage name Ava Van Rose.


Bridget wants a new bum lift.

Bridget wants a new bum lift.

Bridget wants a new bum lift.

"During my most recent pregnancy I was a bit overweight. I then got quite skinny and skeletal this time last year. I'm quite healthy now, but the implant has dropped.

"One part of my bum is quite high, and the other part is quite low.

"Unless you were looking for this, you probably wouldn't see it, but it you were looking directly and staring at my bum you'd notice it. I'm not in pain with it, it's more that I am extremely self-conscious about it."

Bridget, who rose to fame in TV shows on E such as Rise of the Instababes and on MTV's Botched, now hopes a new TV show she is planning to co-operate with, Hooked on the Look, will help her repair her bum.

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"The last (cosmetic) company that I was working with in Turkey, they looked after my procedures and I promoted them, so I didn't pay for the procedures that I got with them," she explains.

"They did my tummy tuck, they did my teeth, they did my designer vagina. They did that in Turkey and it didn't cost me anything so I'm hoping to work with the same company to try and get that rectified over there.

"We have to wait for our lockdown and our flights to be lifted, so they can come over to start filming because everything is shut."

Bridget has four children from previous relationships, including a son she had with her now estranged husband. She has lately fallen in love with trainer Graham Dunne.

"He is a father himself and has two kids," she says.


Bridget has known Graham for years.

Bridget has known Graham for years.

Bridget has known Graham for years.

"He knows the struggles that I have been in.

"He has supported me after I became homeless and had a bit of a breakdown and wasn't ok. I was after getting away from bad relationship, he has been very supportive in that role.

"I know Graham years. We started getting in contact a few months ago, We started meeting up as friends. Things started to blossom between us. I obviously found him attractive as he is a good-looking guy.

"I have been so unlucky in love and I feel this could be more than somebody who is to my liking because he is a brilliant father to his children."

Bridget is now living in Dublin and enjoying a new house, having been homeless after she lost the lease on rented accommodation in Co Westmeath.

"I want to endorse my own brand of eyelashes and I'm hoping to open up a beauty salon in Clondalkin, where I'm from. I have a partner that's going in that and she is a good friend of mine, very trusting."

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