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Happiest news Miriam O’Callaghan gushes over her 'magnificent' granddaughter Eabha Anne

The 61-year-old became a grandmother for the first time last year


Miriam O'Callaghan & her Granddaughter Eabha-Anne. (Via Instagram)

Miriam O'Callaghan & her Granddaughter Eabha-Anne. (Via Instagram)

Miriam O'Callaghan & her Granddaughter Eabha-Anne. (Via Instagram)

Miriam O’Callaghan has gushed about her 10-month-old granddaughter telling VIP Magazine that she is “magnificent.”

Her eldest daughter Alannah welcomed a little girl named Eabha Anne in 2021.

“Let’s start with my wonderful granddaughter because that is the happiest, most exciting news ever,” O’Callaghan told the publication.

“As you know I have always been careful not to talk about my children and I’m conscious that she is not my child but what I will tell you is that she’s a magnificent little girl, she’s ten months old, her name is Eabha Anne.”

Miram revealed that the young girl is named Anne after her late sister who died at age 33 of cancer.

“She’s divine and I absolutely love her,” she gushed.

“I could talk about her for the whole interview but I can’t!”

The 61-year old, who lives in Rathmines with her husband Steve Carson and four of her children, also revealed that the family caught Covid on Christmas day in 2020.

The presenter said that everyone at the table contracted the virus.

“All my kids bar three of my girls were there. Funnily enough two of my daughters were self isolating already, but they didn’t have it!”

“With so many of you infected we presume you didn’t isolate? There would hardly have been any point,” she said.

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“Once my son found out he was positive he stayed in his room but as the day went on and the positive results kept coming in, it was like a comedy, he gingerly came out, mask on. So, we didn’t stay in our bedrooms, no, we just didn’t leave the house!”

O’Callaghan said that herself and one of her sons got “quite ill” with the virus.

“We were just so lucky I didn’t visit my mother, which we had planned to do on Boxing Day. It was fun, not! But we did manage to laugh!”

“We also realised how nice people were,” she continued.

“All my neighbours kept dropping in food. We never had such nice food!”

“Initially I felt great and was doing the Mother Hen and cooking for them all and minding them all, because I was worried about them.”

Miriam admitted that after she spent time looking after her family, she eventually had to go to bed for a week.

“I was doing my typical Miriam, ‘I’m grand, I’m never sick’….but eventually my body said, ‘Are you joking, you are actually taking the piss?’. And so I took to the bed for about a week.”

When it comes to her radio show, the RTE broadcaster said she tries to avoid the subject of Covid.

“There can be Covid overkill,” she explained.

“I try to avoid it on my radio show because if this is our only life you can’t spend all the time talking about bad news. Also you can make people very anxious.”

“Having said that, a lot of the time on Prime Time we have to do Covid because people worry, and I am there to cut through some of the knowledge and hold Ministers to account.

“But you know people still come up to me in supermarkets and go, ‘Jesus, Miriam will you stop depressing us!’”

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