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Lucy Kennedy says the only time she shuts up is when she’s doing yoga

‘I’ve never had a cholesterol test and I aim to change that next week’

Benecol Ambassador Lucy Kennedy, pictured with Dr Lisa Hynes from charity partner Croí (the Heart & Stroke Charity), wants YOU to know your number. The heart-loving brand announces a programme of support for heart health with a free health & wellbeing event and a cholesterol testing day. If you want to avail of a free cholesterol test on the 7th of October, visit to register. Picture Andres Poveda.© Andres Poveda

Lucy Kennedy & Benecol wants YOU to know your number. The heart-loving brand announces a programme of support for heart health with a free health & wellbeing event and a cholesterol testing day.© Andres Poveda

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MOTORMOUTH Lucy Kennedy admits the only time she’s ever forced to shut up is one hour a week when she does her yoga session.

Bubby broadcaster Lucy admits she is getting more and more health conscious and will for the first time next Friday take a cholesterol test.

Cholesterol is any of a class of certain organic molecules produced in the body called lipids.

With high cholesterol, you can develop fatty deposits in your blood vessels. Eventually, these deposits grow, making it difficult for enough blood to flow through your arteries. Sometimes, those deposits can break suddenly and form a clot that causes a heart attack or stroke.

“The perception is that it’s the elderly that are affected, but it’s not,” stresses Lucy (46). “ Some people in their 20s can have high cholesterol, so it’s aimed to target all people and it’s something we all need to do and something I’ve never done.”

Lucy Kennedy & Benecol wants YOU to know your number. The heart-loving brand announces a programme of support for heart health with a free health & wellbeing event and a cholesterol testing day.© Andres Poveda

She is now an ambassador with Finnish company Benecol, who produce foods such as yoghurts, spreads and drinks which help combat cholesterol.

“So, the connection is if you have high cholesterol you’d switch to Benecol and in a few weeks’ time your cholesterol would be reduced, so you move from say full fat butter to a Benecol spread,” she explains.

“But this is an opportunity for people to get a free test, which usually costs money, for one day, which is on Friday in their local pharmacies.

“I have never had my cholesterol checked and next Friday there are pharmacies getting involved to give free cholesterol checks..

“It tasks one minute literally to get your cholesterol checked. It’s a little pin prick on your finger and they tell you within the minute whether your cholesterol is high or low and then you can act on it. I’ve never had it done, so I’m going to get it done next Friday.”

Mum-of-three Lucy admits she is health conscious and tries to keep fit.

“I still do yoga once a week, I kind of feel like I’m fighting fit,” she beams. “I’m full of beans, full of life, full of energy.

“Our children are young, so I have no choice but to kind of keep going

“Fitness wise – I have mild asthma and hay fever – but other than that life is good and hopefully my cholesterol levels will be low.”

She finds solace in walking her dog and yoga.

“I don’t go to the gym, but I walk every single day for at least 40 minutes with our dog. And I got to yoga once a week, I’m a huge advocate of yoga, I absolutely love it,” she exclaims.

“Truthfully, it’s the only one hour in the week when I’m not allowed to talk, so I don’t. It’s really nice, it’s really refreshing.

“Doing it midweek as well. It gives you such a whoosh, you feel full of energy and I love it. I think everybody needs to do yoga. The idea is live with your own thoughts, you kind of exercise with your own thoughts. It’s a really good way to think, but you’re not talking

“I find walking the same thing. I kind of walk in silence, no music, nothing in my ears and I just kind of think. I find yoga the same, a calming effect.”

Her eldest son is nearly 13, while her two girls are aged 10 and five.

“I’m still doing school runs, school collections, 1.30, 2.30 and 3.30,” she adds.

“I’m still doing doing the radio Monday to Friday with Colm Hayes on Classic Hits, and I’m back filming Living With Lucy in a coupler of weeks, so it’s all go. I don’t know yet who I’m living with yet.”

TV viewers may recall her sea swiming with Rachel Allen on her series last year.

“The sea swimming was a once off,” she laughs. “ I’m such a woos. And I live in Dun Laoghaire, so I live near the sea and I’m the only person on my road who doesn’t swim

“I don’t know, I just feel the cold. But maybe I’ll swim when I visit Rachel next time.”

She, her husband Richard, and their three kids love having their pet Labrador Riley.

“She’s a rescue dog and we got her during lockdown, she’s amazing,” she notes. “She kind of walks me, so she keeps me moving, this is the first time we got a dog. She’s nearly two and she’s amazing, she’s the perfect temperament for young children and she’s like my daughter.

“It’s life changing but in a really positive way. To be honest I’m not fond of picking up the poos, but she’s brilliant with the kids and I think dogs bring so much love into a house. And with a rescue dog there is that sense of giving something back and doing something good, so I always say to people ‘check your local rescue first because it’s amazing how many dogs are there’.

“People shouldn’t be buying dogs, not when rescue centres are full of beautiful dogs and all breeds and types of dogs.”

Lucy has just launched her fourth children’s book.

“I’m surrounded by children, so I have the perfect idea for inspiration,” she smiles.

“I think when you have to keep going you just keep going, there are busy periods in my life. I work hard, but I play hard. In I pretty much took July off and just sunbathed, in my back garden. I can’t pretend to be busy all the time, I’m not. It’s just everything seems to fall at the same time

“There will be a quieter period in January, February, where I can kind of breath as well. But vie a brilliant husband, we are very 50-50, he does the mornings, I do the afternoon and it just works.”

  • Benecol is working with Hickeys & All Care pharmacies to host a free cholesterol testing day on Friday. Cholesterol tests will be available in selected Hickeys & All Care pharmacies and if there isn’t a participating location near you - at home tests are also available for free via post. Tests are limited and available on a first come first serve basis. Book an appointment or order a free testing kit via:

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