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Over the moon Lottie Ryan says her mother 'nearly fainted' over 'amazing' pregnancy news

The popular radio broadcaster said she was “a good four months in now."


Lottie Ryan

Lottie Ryan

Lottie Ryan

Lottie Ryan, who is expecting her first child with husband Fabio in August, has admitted she is s**tng herself at the prospect. 

The popular radio broadcaster laughed as she told 2FM colleague Jennifer Zamparelli that she was “a good four months in now”, and had “not been the most well bunny over the past while’.

“But I’m starting to feel a little bit better now and I’m absolutely sh**ing myself”

“I just feel like I have the world's worst hangover and I didn't have any booze so like it's not justified.

“But, you know, I’m just really tired and nauseous but like, I'm stuck at home Jen, so I kind of feel like I could not have done this at a better time.

“I can just lounge around the house, and I can get into bed when I’m wrecked so I feel like I’ve timed this pretty well.”

The Dancing with the Stars star added that they found out at Christmas and then told their families on Christmas Day “which was just absolutely amazing”.

“I think my mother nearly fainted, God bless her, because she thought there was no hope for me.

"It was just absolutely amazing, especially in my family because I'm the first of the five kids to have a baby and for them the excitement is incredible and they are just over the moon with happiness."

Lottie described her pregnancy journey as “a little bit of an unusual one” as it all started when she went to freeze her eggs.

“I knew I was at a certain age and Dancing With The Stars had just finished and I had all these ideas, that I was off to the West End, and all this kind of mad stuff.

“And I said, listen Fab, we better just freeze the eggs because I'm off now, I'm on this rollercoaster of wanting to perform. So off we went to the clinic and got our fertility tested and started the conversation with the doctors.

“And they kind of pointed out to me that everything was fine but they said, ‘you know, just to bear in mind you are 35 and that does matter in terms of the quality and quantity of eggs that you're producing.

“And they did say, ‘you've also been on the contraceptive pill since you were 18 and we don't really know what your body is like until you come off that’.

“So, there was a whole load of factors and then he said to me, which shocked me, ‘if you were to start trying now it's not unusual that it would could take about a year.

“I was like Jesus Christ, Fab I didn't know any of this stuff so I came off the pill so we could check all this out and be prepared. Three weeks later and I was sitting on the floor of my bathroom surrounded by 50 million pregnancy tests looking at Fabio going, ‘go to another chemist there's something wrong with this batch as well’.

“I don't know if everybody feels the same,” she added, “but even though it was something that was in our minds and we knew we wanted I don't think anything can prepare you for seeing that positive on a pregnancy test, it's quite overwhelming.”

Lottie also revealed how Fabio had been waiting for this “for about a decade”.

“God bless him, he's been so patient with me,” she said. “He has never, ever pressured me and he's always allowed me to do what I wanted to do career and job wise and when lockdown happened he just thought ‘Lotts, you're stuck at home for a few months would you just give me a baby.”

Lottie also reflected on how lockdown had its advantages when it came time to sit down and think about having a family.

“This was a huge positive for me (being in lockdown) because I think it's the first time in my entire life that I had to kind of stop and ask myself who am I without being able to set goals in my career.

“And it was the first time that I kind of have had to think about the family and I honestly don't know if I would have done that if lockdown had not happened.

“Because, I really have to kind of sit with myself and, you know, ask myself those questions that I really have never kind of taken the time to really think about before. So, I suppose that’s something I’m going to be grateful to lockdown for.”

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