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Magic Keith Barry praises Ellen de Generes as he makes appearance on hit show


Keith Barry

Keith Barry

The Ellen Show

Keith Barry

Irish mentalist Keith Barry has said appearing on The Ellen Show today will be brilliant for his brand--despite the recent controversy.

Barry, has been a guest on her show four previous times and said he never encountered anything untoward behind the scenes.

And he said that the controversy surrounding the show’s alleged toxic working environment, did not put him off taking part in the new series.

“I have been on Ellen four times before this but it has been almost 12 years since my last appearance,” he told the Sunday World.

“It was a bit surreal doing it virtually from a studio in my back garden.

“It is fabulous for my branding to be on there, she is still the biggest day time talk show as far as I am aware.

“I can only speak of my own experience and every time I have been on the show, including this time, it has been nothing short of brilliant.

“I have always found her to be fantastic and the staff to be fantastic and that is from the producers down to the runners.

“I never saw or experienced anything untoward happening.

“Now obviously something did happen because three producers were let go or left, but I wasn’t privy to that and this time was no different.

“I think they seem to have gotten to the bottom of it, but I had a great time on the show and it is a big benefit to me and my brand globally.”

Keith pre-recorded his slot from his garden shed last Thursday and it will be broadcast this evening from America (3pm Eastern time).

And he revealed the three bespoke tricks he used to bamboozle the LA based superstar.

“Look with Covid and everything else it was about the fun factor so I tailored some fun tricks,” he said.

“I custom-made three pieces for her.

“One was a trick based around all the guests she had on her show in previous years.


Keith Barry

Keith Barry

The Ellen Show

Keith Barry

"So I made a deck of cards with all of the guests names on the back of the cards and had fun with that.

“The second trick was where I showed her a suitcase with a luggage tag and I made her go on an imaginary holiday in her head.

“She decides where she went and who with and then I showed her a laminated luggage tag with answers that, she said, gave her chills.

“She was quite unnerved at this stage.

“The third trick is a game of noughts and crosses where she made all the decisions but when it was over, and you flipped it over, those moves made up a picture.

“It was brilliant and she was properly weirded out meant it worked well.”

Keith admitted that he managed to land the high profile booking by hounding the show’s team via email.

He admitted that his next target will the Graham Norton show, as he attempts to expand his online repertoire.

When the pandemic hit at the start of the year Keith was forced to cancel his entire year’s work.

But rather than sit at home watching Netflix, he decided to create a new virtual business for himself.

“I had to think of something," he said.

"For me, instead of cutting the grass and painting the fence, I created a brand-new business.

“I literally work full time on virtual platforms delivering Key Note speeches and entertainment shows.

“I already have 20 Christmas parties booked in around the world with people from Dell, Facebook, Amazon and Google.

“That’s my new formula until I can get back on stage again. My shows are fully interactive and immersive. “

Keith, a dad of two, is also getting into the spirit of Halloween with a 70-minute, high-octane Halloween virtual brain hacking show suitable for all the family on October 31st at 7pm and 11pm.

Tickets to this spooky event can be found on Keith Barry's website and the price of the tickets is based on the device, not the number of people watching

“I had to put a second one on sale because the first one is about to be sold out,” he said.

“The first one is very family friendly at 7pm on Halloween night.

“It is not over 12s, it is for everyone and then I put a second one on for 11pm because everyone is stuck at home anyway.

“It is fully interactive where the magic will come through the computer screen into your house and I will get you to fool yourself.”

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