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rising star Imelda May reveals how legend Dionne Warwick extended a helping hand in her early days


Imelda May has thanked Dionne Warwick on Twitter

Imelda May has thanked Dionne Warwick on Twitter

Imelda May has thanked Dionne Warwick on Twitter

Dublin singing star Imelda May has revealed how legend Dionne Warwick once extended a helping hand with a simple gesture when she was first starting out.

Imelda, who was only a rising star at the time, recalled how Warwick stepped in when was stuck, with no place to change before a gig.

Imelda was to be a warm up act for the US singer and chat show host when she was told to use a bathroom to change in.

But Imelda, who is a star now in her own right having travelled all over the world and played with numerous big names, praised Warwick for a very kind act.

The songwriter wrote on Twitter: ‘When starting out I once was a warm up act for @dionnewarwick at a private gig.

‘They didn’t provide me with a place to change and suggested I changed in the toilets.

‘Dionne was so gracious to let me use her personal hotel room. A kindness I will never forget. Thanks Dionne.’

The anecdote stuck a chord with fellow musicians who recalled their own experiences when starting out.

‘As someone who gigged for many years I totally get this,’ one responded. ‘Sometimes you get treated so well other times not so much. I would always offer other acts my room to change if they didn’t have somewhere.’

Imelda will be leading the line-up for a jam-packed Late Late Show featuring various Irish artists who are all coming together for a busking special this Friday.

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